Education Round Table


With the Education Round Table, the idea of having annual talks is now also applied to the service units that support students and instructors so that – besides the actual courses and lectures – the framework conditions for university studies can also be improved continuously. To this end, workshop-like discussions are held between representatives from the (respective) service units, academia, the students, and the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning.

The starting point for the workshops is the results of the Evaluation of Education Services. Integration with other processes is ensured by the fact that the measures emerging from the Annual Talks and the Course of Study Evaluations can also be taken up within this framework.

In the moderated discussions, the strengths and weaknesses of the individual service units are identified, and measures for improvement are derived. These measures are fed into the QM system's catalog of measures (see QMSLportal). Through the survey results and an ongoing review of the measures derived from them, in addition to members from all across RWTH and service units being engaged in discussions, the University strives to continuously improve organizational processes.

Once every year, all service units give us their opinion on already agreed-upon measures as well as new measures from ongoing program evaluations and annual reviews. Whether the defined measures are being carried out will, at the latest, be reviewed in the annual meetings of the Vice Rector for Teaching and Learning with the faculty heads and student representatives.