Quality Management System in Teaching and Learning


Quality assurance in learning and teaching is a central concern of RWTH Aachen. It is crucial to define, develop, and ensure quality objectives.



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The Teaching Quality Management System Project

The goal of the project is to further develop the quality management system in learning and teaching at RWTH Aachen. Vice-Rector for Teaching, Professor Aloys Krieg and Division 6.2 Teaching are heading the project. The project also receives technical support from the Chair of Quality Management with Professor Robert Schmitt. The is assumed by a superior working group, in which the expert and interest groups from each faculty are represented.

At the beginning of the project, joint quality objectives for excellent teaching were defined and agreed upon in a inter-faculty development process. The objects are in accordance with RWTH Aachen's existing strategy. In the next step these objectives will be further developed using criteria and made measurable.

Why is a quality management system for the area learning and teaching necessary?

Reasons for why quality in learning and teaching is particularly current topic include the quick social change that demands fast adaptability from all institutions, education expansion in combination with increasing social diversity, and last but not least, the Bologna Process, which emphasizes quality and quality assurance in higher education as an indispensable foundation for renewal processes and the internationalization of university systems in Europe.

In order to do the demands of the Bologna Reform justice, TU9 recommends that universities create and and continuously futher develop a comprehensive QM system.

Furthermore, suitable steering processes and principles regarding decision skills, responsibilities, and processes should be applied.


Quality Assurance

RWTH Aachen seeks to continually enhance quality management in teaching and learning. This is necessary as rapid demographic change, higher education expansion in combination with increasing societal diversity, and the objectives of the Bologna process require increased adaptability of higher education instutions.


System Accreditation

RWTH’s internal quality assurance system in teaching and learning was officially accredited by AAQ in 2018. The accreditation is valid until September 30, 2024. It certifies that the University’s quality assurance system is suitable for attaining the University’s quality objectives and ensuring quality standards in its courses of study.

This means that RWTH is now officially in a position of evaluate and certify its courses of study. It results in an increase in autonomy and provides the basis for continuous improvement of quality in teaching and learning at RWTH.

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