Senate: Positive Vote for Quality Objectives in Learning and Teaching

  From left: Professor Robert Schmitt, Professor Aloys Krieg, Professor Ernst M. Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen Copyright: © Stephan Losse  

In the RWTH Aachen Senate's session on February 6, 2014, a positive vote passed for the introduction of university-wide quality objectives for the area Learning and Teaching. This vote is an important initial milestone for the university-wide process to develop quality objectives from the core of the university. "Some of the objectives may seem self-evident at first glance. However, clear acknowledgement of these goals from all the groups, and thus affirmation for a university that views the quality of learning and teaching as central, has a signal effect," said Professor Schmachtenberg, Rector of RWTH Aachen.

The vote was preceeded by a comprehensive development process, in which not only deans of studies but also the student representative in the Senate, the Speaker for Non-Academic Staff, and the AStA participated. Fifteen objectives were approved for the five identified core areas Students, Staff, Academics, Structure and System – S4P. Aside from securing the feasibility of smooth and optimized courses of study, the continued professionalization of staff, promotion of international exchange, and the continuous improvement of organizational processes were worked out as necessary goals.

The quality objectives, however, are only a component of the futher development in the field Learning and Teaching. In the coming months, the inclusion of the nine faculties at the university and their departments with their individual subject cultures will be strengthened. Using RWTH's quality objectives, solutions for fulfilling the objects and indicators of the degree of fulfillment for each objective will be developed. A team headed by Vice-Rector for Teaching, Professor Krieg is responsible for this work. It is supported by Division 6.2 Teaching and by the Chair of Quality Management, Professor Schmitt.