Lousberglauf 2013


It's practically a Lousberglauf tradition: strong rainstorms dampened the anticipation for this year's run, but the sky brightened up in the evening as did the athletes and organizers' moods.


Spectators along the challenging route were also happy about the comfortable conditions and cheered on the runners. Once again there was a special atmosphere that casts a spell over the 2000 runners on the Aachen Teufelsberg.

Success for Alumni Team

The "Alumni pro RWTH" team participated again this year with 60 participants, who also ran against each other. The winner of the alumni men was 2011's winner Helge Heers with a time of 20:01.5 minutes with Thorsten Labudde 21:22.0 minutes and Helmut Leclere 22:02.0 minutes following. Anne-Theres Körtgen came out on top among the alumni women with a time of 21:35.2. Second and third places were filled by Annika Önning with 28:39.2 minutes and Katharina Apfel with a time of 29:04.7 minutes.