RWTH Alumni Visit Deutsche Flugsicherung

Air traffice controllers working at the Lagen control center Copyright: © DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, H.-J. Koch

Innumerable bumblebees are flying over Germany, apparently disorganized and arbitrarily. The film in time laps, which schematically demonstrates the flight movements, powerfully illustrates, what moves over heads in the sky in a day.

  Copyright: © RWTH Alumni

Up to 10000 flights a day, about three million a year are safely guided through German airspace by the Deutsche Flugsicherung, DFS for short. Axel Raab, DFS Press Speaker and air traffice controller for 20 years, explained how flight safety and air traffice controllers work to the RWTH Alumni from the Rhein-Main region, who recently visited the DFS center in Langen near Frankfurt.

The group learned not only a lot while at the control center but were also able to observe air traffice controllers at work.


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