Goal-Line Technology at the RWTH Aachen Science Night


Goal or no goal? In football, this has been a frequently asked question, which often remained without satisfactory answer. A famous example is the 1966 Wembley goal, arguably the best known and most controversial goal in football history. At the 2014 Word Cup finals in Brazil, a new goal-line technology was successfully used for the first time. With the help of the technology, it becomes possible to resolve controversial goal-line calls within seconds. 


The new system is called 'GoalControl-4D', developed by the company GoalControl, which is based in Würselen, Germany. At the RWTH Aachen Science Night, RWTH alumnus and managing director at GoalControl René Beaujean presented the goal line technology system to a large audience of interested citizens.

Beaujean explained, for example, that the system uses seven cameras in elevated positions around each goalmouth. In this way, the ball's position can be continuously captured in three dimensions when it is close to the goal.

Of course, the evening was spiced with memories and anecdotes of the World Cup finals in Brazil.


Impressions from the RWTH Aachen Science Night