Aachen and Münster Alumni in Berkeley

Group of people standing on stairs Copyright: © UC Berkeley

Alumni from RWTH Aachen and WWU Münster met on January 7, 2016, at the Institute of European Studies, IES, at the University of California in Berkeley.


The event began with a reception at the IES. After a few words of welcome by IES director, Jeoren Dewulf, participants introduced themselves. During a tour of the campus the guests gathered additional impressions of the University of Berkeley. At the closing dinner at the Faculty Club, the participants agreed to hold this alumni get-together in the future.

Pictured in the photo in front of the main entrance to Moses Hall from right to left: Professor Jeroen Dewulf, his deputy representative Dr. Akasemi Newsome, then the executive manager of the IES; Gia White; Klaus Rötzscher, Berkeley; Dr. Mareike Kritzler, WWU Münster; Dr. Inge Svens, RWTH Aachen; Dr. Sophia Reinders, San Francisco; Bruce Willock, Berkeley; Holger Kist, RWTH Aachen; Gil Ferry, Berkeley; and Dr. Hermann-Victor Johnen, WWU Münster/RWTH Aachen.