Faculty 2 - Faculty of Architecture


Freunde des Reiff e. V.

The non-profit organization, Freunde des Reiff e.V., brings together graduates, sponsors, staff, and students from the Faculty of Architecture at RWTH Aachen.  Founded in 1990, the organization promotes science and research at the Faculty of Architecture.  It also serves to foster relationships between current and former members of the faculty.

The organization achieves it goals by sponsoring events, exhibits, and scientific colloquia and publications.  The primary focus is the establishment and up keep of contact between teachers, staff, students, graduates, and anyone who feels connected to the Faculty of Architecture.  At the end of every year there is a celebration, at which the newest graduates from the faculty are seen off.

Every member receives up-to-date information throughout the year.  Members of the organization are invited to all public presentations and events that take place in the Reiff Museum and that are put on or sponsored by the Faculty of Architecture.

The yearly membership fee is currently 15 Euros for students, 30 Euros for private individuals, and 60 Euros for businesses and institutions.  The membership fee and any donations are tax-deductible.