Faculty 3 - Faculty of Civil Engineering



René Huppertz

1st Chairman



BAUEN Aachen e.V.

Under the motto "… vernetzt in die Zukunft" BAUEN Aachen e.V. aims to promote the exchange of experiences and interests between university teaching and construction operations. The baubetriebliche Aktiven- und Ehemaligennetzwerk was founded in June 2015 at the initiative of staff and students at the Chair and Institute of Construction Business and Project Management, ibp for short. The association is particularly oriented towards active and former academic staff members, employees, and student assistants; current and former students; and graduates with a Bachelor's, Master's, or Diplom from the ibp at RWTH Aachen.

All individuals who feel connected to the Chair or are interested in construction business are also welcome to joint the association.


Friends of the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering & Water Resources Management at RWTH Aachen – Vereinigung zur Förderung des Lehrstuhls und Instituts für Wasserbau und Wasserwirtschaft der RWTH Aachen e.V

The association was founded in 1954, through the construction and financing of the testing hall on Kreuzherrenstraße. Every year, in the first week of January, there is a general assembly of all members following the International Hydraulic Engineering Symposium Aachen, IWASE for short. The board – chairman, vice-chairman, executive director – meets once a year to prepare for the general assembly. In addition to former hydraulic engineering developers and former academic staff, including doctoral students, colleagues from the field of hydraulic engineering and some from institutions active in water resources management in NRW are members of the organization. The organization has over 20 corporate members and about 170 private members. The evening celebration for IWASA is also a yearly alumni meeting.

Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management



The research association Straßenwesen, Erd- und Tunnelbau Aachen e. V. SETAC was founded in 1996 at the RWTH Aachen Chair of Highway Engineering. It promotes and conducts the exchange of scientific thought in all fields of highway engineering. Regularly-scheduled events, such as the annual Aachen Conference for Road and Traffic Engineering, ASVT, each November, and the Aachener Fachsymposium Straßenwesen, AFSS, allow current topics, and practical experiences and problems to directly enter research and teaching.

Another central task of SETAC is the promotion of junior researchers and young talents. The aim is to promote young and high-performance students and to attract them to the field of highway engineering and keep them long term. The SETAC scholarship and SETAC prize financially support future graduates. Students can also be directly placed with company members through SETAC's large network.

The research association currently has approximately 300 company and individual members. The diversity of our members ranges from former staff to graduates, representatives from administration and research, to planning and engineering offices, consultants, and road construction companies.


Forschungsförderung Baustatik, Massivbau, Stahlbau e.V. – FFBMS

The association promotes science and research in the fields of structural analysis, structural concrete, and steel construction. It was founded in the 1980s by the Chairs of Structural Analysis, Structural Concrete, and Steel Concrete at RWTH Aachen. Since then the lecture series "Structural Engineering – Structural Concrete – Steel Construction – BMS Colloquium" has been held every year with six to eight lectures. The lectures address both students and engineers from the industry. The lectures also cover a broad range of topics from engineerig practice, including the planning and construction of interesting structures from building construction, civil engineering and bridge construction, and the maintenance of exisiting constructions.

There is an annual general assemply. Private members pay a membership fee of ten Euros while companies, authorities, organizations, and such pay 100 Euros. The membership fee and additional donations are tax deductible.

Chair of Structural Analysis and Dynamics




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