Faculty 5 - Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering


Freunde des IME e.V.

The Freunde des IME e.V. association was entered in the Aachen registry of associations on April 11, 2001. On September 15, 2006, the association had 136 private individuals and 17 company members. Board meetings take place three times a year.

The association awards study prizes for extraordinarily good theses during its main session.


Verein zur Förderung der Aachener Eisenhüttenkunde e.V.

On August 7, 2007, a total of eleven alumni and active members of the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy, IEHK for short, founded the Verein zur Förderung der Aachener Eisenhüttenkunde e.V., which was entered in the Aachen registry of associations on October 11, 2007.

The motivation behind founding the association was the often expressed wish to intensify the contact flow of information to and from alumni and friends of the IEHK. Additionally, the association supports the IEHK in conductin scientific events and research processes.

The association particularly supports the RWTH Aachen Department of Ferrous Metallurgy with:

  • Scientific research
  • Improvement of teaching and learning conditions
  • Upkeep of relationships with the economy, organizations, politics, and universities
  • Contributions to internal and external networking, through department events, the alumni network, and an information platform between company members and graduates
  • Publications

Vereinigung Aachener Bergakademiker e.V.

The Vereinigung Aachener Bergakademiker e.V., VAB for short, is a lively and active alumni association of students and graduates from the Division of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, and Recycling. It was founded in 1904 as the "Bergmännische Vereinigung" and is situated in the Institute of Mining Engineering I at RWTH Aachen.
The VAB has about 800 at home and abroad.  This includes students, graduates in various career paths, and retired persons.

The VAB enables personal contact between the university, its graduates, and students. It supports the education and further education of all students and graduates from the Division of Mining Engineering, Mineral Processing, and Recycling, for example excursions, internships, courses and events abroad, teaching materials and facilities, and diploma theses abroad.

There are four reasons to join:

  • Annual meeting of members in Aachen with events the day before
  • Worldwide network
  • Support for students
  • Current information about RWTH Aachen and the division
  • Moderate annual fees

Aachener Gießer-Familie e.V.

The Aachener Gießer-Familie e.V., AGIFA for short, is composed of graduates and students of foundry and the staff of the RWTH Aachen Foundry Instutite, founded by Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Eugen Piwowarsky.

The purpose of the AGIFA is to promote students and scientific work in the field of foundry and at the RWTH Aachen Foundry Institute. The AGIFA supports various activities such as the annual Pentecost and autumn excursions, the Burse evening, and an alumni and doctoral candidate seminar. Furthermore, the AGIFA provides a house, the Burse, for foundry students.

Aside from activites to support students, the AGIFT supports the exchange and cohesion of graduates from the Aachen Foundry Institute. In collaboration with the institute, the AGIFA puts on the AGIFA Symposium every December, which switches off with the Aachen Foundry Colloqium every other year.


Verein der Freunde und Förderer des Instituts für Metallkunde und Metallphysik

The Verein der Freunde und Förderer (VFF) des Institutes für Metallkunde und Metallphysik IMM was founded on August 19, 1994, to support the institute's affairs and its employees free from official purposes. VFF and IMM host the IMM Summer Fest every year, which precedes the regular meeting of members.



The idea to bring graduates together from the course of study, which has existed since 1994, arose in 2003. Many individuals regreted that contact to professors and fellow students was lost. For that reason a common platform for waste disposal engineers and waste management students was founded in October 2003. In the Almüllni alumni association, there are regular meetings of alumni and professors with a sociable atmosphere to keep in touch and to establish new contacts. There are currently abut 70 graduates who regularly meet.


Vereinigung Aachener Geowissenschaftler e.V.

the purpose of the Vereinigung Aachener Geowissenschaftler e.V., VAG for short, is the promotion of the training and education of students studying geosciences at RWTH Aachen. It maintains a close and lasting connection between students, graduates from the university, and members of the staff and promotes the education of students.