Faculty 10 - Faculty of Medicine


Freunde der Medizinstudierendenschaft Aachen

The founding event of the Freunde der Medizinstudierendenschaft Aachen, FdMSA for short, took place on November 16, 2004, at the Aachen University Hospital. The association, an alumni organization for the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Medicine, was primarily founded for the reasons stated in the preamble of the constitution:

After successful studies, many graduates part ways, relationships to the student body are lost, and it is difficult to pass on acquired knowledge to following students. The association's goal is to change this.  The association should promote lively communication between graduates and students, support the student body with its efforts, and increase the attractiveness of studying medicine at RWTH Aachen.  May the members live out this association!

Preamble of the Freunde der Medizinstudierendenschaft Aachen e.V.