Research Alumni Ambassador


RWTH Aachen is the alma mater for a growing community of international alumni who have continued their personal and professional lives in all corners of the world after their stay in Aachen. In this global network more than 3000 foreign research alumni, mostly former guest professors and postdoc researchers, make up a significant base of our contacts to other academic institutions, research organizations and research-oriented enterprises abroad as well as to individual students and researchers.

Non-German scholars and scientists from all disciplines are invited to become research alumni ambassadors of RWTH Aachen.


Involvement in the RWTH Network: Become a RWTH Ambassador

As a research alumnus or alumna of RWTH Aachen you have gathered personal research experience in Aachen and Germany. You are an ideal contact person at conferences, informal gatherings, academic networks, or in your function as a teacher for individuals in your home country or at your home institution, who would like to learn more about study and research opportunities at RWTH Aachen. The opposite applies as well: we would like to stay in contact with you and make your return for a research stay at RWTH Aachen and its institutes easier.

Become an important part of RWTH Aachen University's network of internationalization efforts for lively intercultural research work.

For me this is successful professional network, from which joint research projects, successful scientific exchange between different universities, and strengthened mobility of lecturers and students have resulted.

Tim Osswald, Professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the USA and Research Alumnus of RWTH Aachen

From an information toolkit to network meetings to media publications and the creation of an alumni club in your home country – if you would like to learn more about the ambassador program adapted to you and your home country, feel free to contact us.

In addition to your contacts at the RWTH Aachen institute, there are important contacts in the International Office, Welcome Service, Career Development, and Research Funding, who are available as part of this strong network.


A First Step

Please introduce yourself as a research alumni in an and include your current resume, information about your institute stay at RWTH Aachen, and your institute contact. Maybe you already have ideas for concrete ambassador activities in your home country. Or you know interested individuals from your personal and academic community, who also wish to conduct research at RWTH Aachen.

Would you also like to become one of our RWTH Faces and speak about your experiences and impressions of research at our university in a testimonial?

Do you prefer personal conversations or networking in social media? Contact Christin Wannagat at LinkedIn or XING. You can find the profile in the respective RWTH Aachen University alumni university group.