Your Contributions


Science Communication

We would like to offer our research alumni the chance to present their research topics to the public. Research Alumnae in particular are addressed as they can serve as role models who can attract more girls and women to engage in science and research. How about presenting your most current research project in a short video clip? Or contributing to an RWTH research alumni blog and exchange ideas and opinions? RWTH Alumni can provide you diverse platforms to engage the public with your research.

Research Alumni Ambassadors

With your experience you are the ideal person to acquaint aspiring students, junior scientists and fellow researchers with opportunities at RWTH Aachen University. Help us to spread the word in your institutions and networks - we will support you with the necessary tools and information! Find out more about our Ambassador Program.

Your Personal Experience

Tell us how you experienced your research stay at RWTH Aachen University and help us improve our services for international academics and their families new to Aachen. We would also like to hear how your career proceeded after your stay in Germany and what you have learned and experienced in your further professional development abroad. You can read about the personal experiences of our research alumni under Bright Minds.