October 2018, Issue 183


Alumni News

2018 Doctoral Jubilee and Graduation Celebration

This year once again, RWTH celebrated its Golden and Silver doctoral jubilarians on the occasion of its big cross-faculty commencement celebration on September 8. Altogether about 100 jubilarians – 24 of them golden jubilarians – came to Aachen to accept their renewal certificates. The golden jubilarians received their doctorates in 1967 and the silver jubilarians received their doctorates in 1992. The ceremony was opened by the new Rector, Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, who personally greeted the jubilarians and then gave the floor to the rector’s delegate for the RWTH alumni, Professor Bernd Markert. After Professor Markert honored the golden jubilarians, the vice-rectors Professor Doris Klee and Professors Aloys Krieg and Matthias Wessling supported him in handing over the renewal certificates to the silver jubilarians. After enjoyable trading of little anecdotes, much enthusiastic photo taking by the relatives and a glass or two of sparkling wine, a group photo of all the jubilarians was taken to top off the event. Another highlight was the graduation celebration in the afternoon. The doctoral jubilarians were able to take their seats inside the dressage stadium and experience the arrival of 1,200 graduates from all the different faculties up close.

Reminder: 10th Joint Korean-German Conference

"Engineering for our Future" – that’s the topic of the ADeKo Anniversary Conference, which will take place from October 17 to 19 in Aachen. It is jointly organized by ADeKo and RWTH Aachen. Let them be your hosts as you experience the 10th joint Korean-German conference. Register today.

The Institut für Textiltechnik (ITA) of RWTH Aachen University and the Embassy of the Republic of Korea (Bonn) are organizing a praxis-oriented workshop on Industry 4.0 as a warm-up for the conference of the alumni network Germany-Korea (ADeKo) on October 16-17, 2018. This workshop takes place immediately before the 10th ADeKo Conference "Engineering for our Future" and is meant to give the participants some practical and intuitively accessible insight into Industry 4.0. Register

From Lecture Halls out on to the Dance Floor

Once a year, at the long-awaited RWTH Gala Ball, everyone can easily observe that dancing is back in vogue and not just among boring squares or dance school freaks. Both members of the University and students twirl in long dresses and elegant suits across the dance floor. RWTH Aachen celebrates what is arguably the most beautiful end to the year in the decorated ballroom of the Eurogress. Advance tickets are only available online. Here is the link for our alumni. You can get the necessary password for a subsequent booking by calling the Alumni-Team at +49 241 80 95585 oder -94768.

RWTH Alumni Meeting in Berlin at Amazon Site

We are pleased to invite you to visit the amazon offices at Krausenstr. 38 with us on November 8, 2018.Amazon has put together an exciting program of four 20-minute-short presentations that will give us a good idea of the manifold technical problems and issues Amazon deals with on a daily basis. After each presentation, participants will certainly have an opportunity to ask the speakers questions or offer them some of their own ideas. Computer science majors and all those interested in the technical aspects of the business might find the afternoon particularly rewarding! Please register by October 30, 2018.


Alumni Spotlight

New RWTH Rector, Professor Ulrich Rüdiger, Starts Term in Office

On August 1, 2018 Professor Ulrich Rüdiger has taken office as the new rector of RWTH Aachen University, suceeding Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg. Rüdiger began his career in Aachen many years ago, first as a Physics student and later completing his doctorate as well as his habilitation. Until recently he was rector of the University of Konstanz – like RWTH one of Germany’s Universities of Excellence.

At the same time, some changes have arisen in the composition of the Rectorate. Professor Doris Klee will continue to serve for a further term as Vice-Rector for Human Resources Management and Development, Professor Malte Brettel from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group will remain Vice-Rector for Industry and Business Relations. Professor Aloys Krieg from Chair of Mathematics A will continue to act as Vice-Rector for Teaching. New on the executive team are Professor Ute Habel, who has been appointed in the newly-created role of Vice-Rector for International Affairs as well as Professor Matthias Wessling in the role of Vice-Rector for Research and Structure.

Emmanuelle Charpentier Receives Engineering Award

On September 7, 2018, Professor Emmanuelle Charpentier received resounding applause and recognition in the Coronation Hall of Aachen City Hall. The City of Aachen and RWTH Aachen University presented the scientist with the 2018 Aachen Engineering Award. “Emmanuelle Charpentier stands for one of the most groundbreaking discoveries of the recent past,” said RWTH Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger. As a co-inventor of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene scissors (Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats), she has developed a gene-editing tool which can be used to treat genetic defects and serious illnesses, such as cancer, among others.

Professor Thomas Bergs New Head of Institutes WZL and IPT

Since June 2018, Professor Thomas Bergs has been head of the Institutes IPT and WZL, suceeding Professor Fritz Klocke in this role. Bergs completed his studies (diploma) at RWTH and, in 2001, he gained his doctorate there as well. On June 1, 2018 he was appointed University professor at the Chair of Manufacturing Technology at the Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering, WZL.

Interview with Professor Bergs in the German publication Industrie anzeiger.

Honorary Doctorates in Osaka

Osaka University in Japan has bestowed honorary doctorates on RWTH professors Jun Okuda and Jochen Büchs for their outstanding achievements in research and teaching. Jun Okuda, Chair of Organometallic Chemistry at the Institute for Inorganic Chemistry, is concerned with catalysis mechanisms that do not require precious metals and that can be immobilized via modified proteins. He completed his doctorate at RWTH Aachen and later joined the team of Nobel laureate Richard R. Schrock at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the USA. Jochen Büchs is Chair of Biochemical Engineering at RWTH Aachen University. His key research interests include the characterization of process engineering parameters of shaken bioreactors and the development of new methods for online process monitoring and control at all (bioreactor) scales. Furthermore, he conducts research on high-pressure fermentation and biorefinery processes. After completing his degree in process engineering at the Technical University of Munich and research stays at the Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN) and Tokyo University, Japan, he obtained his doctoral degree from Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany.

2018 DAAD Award

Sergio Roberto Molina Ramirez was awarded with the 2018 DAAD Award for International Students, endowed with 1,000 euros, for his academic achievements and intercultural engagement during the Welcome Week for international students. Sergio Roberto Molina Ramirez from Colombia already successfully completed studies in electrical engineering at RWTH this past 2018 summer semester. Additionally, he has studied biology since winter semester 2015/16. Despite the double courseload, he has mantained excellent academic performance and is a committed volunteer.


Continued Education & Career

RWTH Alumni Job Portal online

Companies have the opportunity to post job openings for management positions or employees with experience on our “Stellenportal RWTH Alumni.” This platform is also specifically oriented towards alumni, as RWTH graduates, particularly those with experience, are greatly sought after in science, business, and industry. You can find interesting offers here. If you would like to publish a job posting, please send us .

The following job openings are currently posted:

  • Technische Betriebe Dormagen is looking for a "Divisional Director Urban Development Planning" with a background in Civil Engineering

International Academy Offers: Reduced Participation Fees for Members of the RWTH Alumni Network

As a member of the RWTH Alumni Network you receive a discount for continuing education courses at RWTH International Academy. When booking a course of study, you receive a 10 percent discount, and for certificate courses and seminars a 15 percent discount. You can book your course with the discount by using your RWTH email address on the RWTH Weiterbildungsplattform. This discount cannot be combined with other offers from RWTH International Academy.

RWTH Executive Certificate – Data Science for Engineers

Continuously improving industrial manufacturing processes is a task that is becoming more and more important. To be able to generate new knowledge as a basis for improving production processes, participants will learn to transfer the methods and techniques of deep learning onto real production data in this certificate course from October 22 to 26, 2018. They will furthermore gain insight into utilizing the basics of data-analytical practices – newly gained knowledge they will be able to consolidate in interactive lectures, group work, presentations, and case studies.

This course is targeted at engineers from the fields of Production, R&D, Optimization and Design. Course language is English. In case of any questions or to register please contact: , RWTH International Academy, Telephone +49 241 80 97742.

Industry 4.0 Communication – Upgrade for Your Production Network

Interconnected production allows for interoperability between formerly proprietary systems. Through continuous communication between the separate parts of a production network, intelligent, autodidactic and self-regulating systems are formed, which are also self-optimizing thanks to current sensor technology. Efficient processing and analysis of data enables companies to react to changing conditions virtually in real-time and to adaptively change production processes. From November 12 to 16, 2018, Professor Tobias Meisen, will give the participants of this certificate course an overview of the most important communication technologies available for modern production sites.

For further information and registration please contact the RWTH International Academy: , RWTH International Academy, Telefon +49 241 80 97742.

22nd Career Day Family Businesses – Apply Now

On November 30, 2018 the 22nd Career Day "Family Business" is hosted by Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG in the Wedemark region. RWTH graduates, or Alumni (both male and female) will have the opportunity to speak to Germany's leading family businesses about concrete career opportunities. Students who will be graduating shortly and RWTH Aachen alumni receive a wild card, which means they won't have to go through the general application process, but are admitted immediately. In order to receive a Wild Card, interested individuals will have to enter "RWTH Wildcard" on the application under the heading "Wie haben Sie von der Veranstaltung erfahren?." Application deadline is October 15, 2018.

WZLforum Continuing Education Events

You can find an overview of all continuing education offerings on the pages of WZLforum an der RWTH Aachen.


Science & Business

A Really Good Day for RWTH

RWTH Aachen University is very pleased with its success in the Excellence Strategy" competition of the German federal and state governments. The international expert panel appointed by the Joint Science Conference of the Federal and State Governments (GWK) has approved three funding proposals for Clusters of Excellence submitted by RWTH. The University will now receive funding for its proposals "The Fuel Science Center – Adaptive Conversion Systems for Renewable Energy and Carbon Sources," "Internet of Production," and "ML4Q – Matter and Light for Quantum Computing," the latter developed in collaboration with the University of Cologne and the University of Bonn. Beginning January 1, 2019, these clusters will be funded for an initial period of seven years, receiving between three and 10 million euros in funding annually. Due to the approval of three clusters, RWTH is now invited to submit its application for funding as a University of Excellence. Preparations for the application process are already underway. "We now want to confirm and renew our status as a University of Excellence with a convincing application. This would further enhance our reputation and visibility both nationally and internationally," said Rector Ulrich Rüdiger.

New High-Performance Plastics with Positive Eco-Balance

In a joint project with the Leverkusen-based polymers company Covestro, TU Berlin, Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig and aircraft manufacturer Airbus, the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics (LTT) has developed a high-performance thermoplastic (HTP) for use in many industries. The application of the new material would result in increased sustainability and performance of products in diverse fields such as aviation, automotive, and health care. The next challenge is to develop a manufacturing process for the continuous large-scale production of the new material

Key Protein in the Spread of the Malaria Parasite Discovered

In collaboration with her international partners, Professor Gabriele Pradel from the Chair of Cellular and Applied Infection Biology at the Institute for Biology II has been able to prove the existence of a protein that takes on a key role in the spread of the malaria parasite plasmodium falciparum. Malaria causes approximately 400,000 deaths every year and is regarded as one of the most dangerous infectious diseases along with AIDS and tuberculosis. Responsible are unicellular parasites of the species plasmodium, which are transmitted to humans through the bite of mosquitoes. The virus first undergoes rapid asexual multiplication during the course of several life cycles, the cause of the high fever attacks of malaria infection typically experienced by the human hosts. The reprodutive stage of the parasite inside the midgut of the mosquito represents an ideal opportunity to mount intervention strategies and thereby keep at bay the malaria virus. Over the course of several years of research, the study has led to the identification and characterization of the protein 7-Helix-1, which is specifically produced in female gametocytes and controls the parasite's protein synthesis. If we can learn to successfully inhibit the function of 7-Helix-1 in plasmodium faciparum and thereby stop the parasite's sexual cycle of growth, the spread of malaria could be kept at bay and the number of associated deaths be reduced.

RWTH Acquires Campus West Site

RWTH has purchased the 170,000 sqm site from BLB, the NRW Real Estate Agency and can now further develop RWTH Aachen Campus West. According to RWTH Aachen Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven, the University's seeks to develop a research landscape that sets new standards. Local politicians also approve of the project: As the Lord Mayor of Aachen, Marcel Philipp, said: "We are full of optimism and very much look forward to turning Campus West into reality.”



October 9, 2018

First event of the lecture series Mission Industry. Religion and Modernization During High Modernity

October 11, 2018 First event of the lecture series The Working Environment of the Future
October 13, 2018 Music Lab – Concert Series with Aachen's Symphony Orchestra
October 15, 2018

Lecture Series "Medicine & Ethics": Das Alter im Strafrecht – Eine Überblicksanalyse im Lichte des demografischen Wandels unter Berücksichtigung prozessualer Konsequenzen

October 16 to 19, 2018 Electromobility Week

This is just a small selection of events. Further events in October as well as in the subsequent months can be found on the webpages of RWTH Aachen, of the City of Aachen (de) and at Aachen Congress (de).


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