January to March 2022, Issue 195


Dear alumni,

In our last newsletter in December, we had great hopes for our lives in the new year - especially concerning the development of the Coronavirus pandemic. It's fair to say that no one, however, had expected that there would be a new catastrophe, the war in Ukraine. After the initial shock, numerous relief programs have since sprung up everywhere to stand by and help the people of Ukraine. On the initiative of Ukrainian-born Professor Andrij Pich from the Institute of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry at RWTH Aachen University and the DWI Leibniz Institute for Interactive Materials, a fundraising campaign was also launched by RWTH Aachen University and the University Hospital to provide targeted support for medical staff in Ukrainian hospitals by supplying them with urgently needed medicines, which are currently in short supply, as well as bandages and other medical supplies.

So far, around 585,000 euros have been donated to this campaign, including donations by many RWTH alumni. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them very much. Every week, several trucks loaded with medical supplies can now set off for the Polish-Ukrainian border. The aid is urgently needed on site, in the hospitals in Lviv and other Ukrainian cities. The aid campaign will of course continue and further donations are most welcome.

We are now also feeling the consequences of the war personally through increased prices for energy and food. The move away from fossil fuels such as oil and natural gas in favor of alternative solutions, for example with hydrogen-based technologies, is becoming increasingly urgent, and not only for reasons of climate protection. Research and work on this is being carried out at numerous institutes and facilities at RWTH Aachen University. We have already reported on this several times in our alumni media. You can also find more information and examples in this newsletter.

Greetings from Aachen,
Your Alumni Team


Alumni News

In the RWTH Alumni Magazine, "CO2 has Become a Currency."

By 2045, Germany is to become climate-neutral - in other words, no more greenhouse gases are to be released into the atmosphere that are not compensated for elsewhere.

For the steel industry in particular, this is a very big challenge - for example for thyssenkrupp AG. The company has embarked on a long journey with numerous necessary changes and innovations. An important part in technological development at thyssenkrupp is played by the Metallurgy Center of Excellence. Its head, Dr. Matthias Weinberg, studied metallurgy and materials technology at RWTH Aachen University from 1987 to 1997 and earned his doctorate. In the interview in the current issue of "keep in touch", he describes the work and challenges he has to successfully master with his team. Of course, his academic training and good contacts at RWTH also come into play.

When Dr. Weinberg goes on business trips to China, Brazil or to other European countries, it is not unusual for him to meet former fellow students who also studied metallurgy at RWTH.

50 Years of the Department of Computer Science - Graduates of the First Year Wanted

The Department of Computer Science at RWTH Aachen University is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. For this occasion, a commemorative publication is being produced that will shed more light on the history of the development of computer science in Aachen. For this reason, the department is looking for graduates of the first diploma program in computer science, which was established in the winter semester 1972/73.
Please contact the .

Participants Wanted for Studies

For a doctoral thesis, the Chair of Personnel and Organizational Psychology at RWTH Aachen University is looking for participants for the following studies:

Study 1: "Family and Working Life Once Your own Children are Grown up".

This study is designed to examine, over five survey periods at six-month intervals, how parents of adult children perceive their family and working lives when their own children are in a stable partnership. The parents must be employed and have an adult child who is in a stable partnership. The five surveys will take only 15 to 20 minutes each to complete.
As a thank-you for participating, a raffle will be held at each of the five survey times.

Study 2: "Being a Grandparent - A Couple Study".

In this study we investigate how grandparent couples experience life with a first grandchild. Both grandmother and grandfather must wish to reflect on what meaning their first grandchild has for them personally and for their partnership, and there must only be one grandchild in the family so far and this child must not be older than 8.
There are two surveys, with four weeks between them, each taking only 15 to 20 minutes to complete.
As a thank you for participating in both survey times of the online study, we are giving away 10 lots of 200 euros.

All information will of course be treated confidentially and evaluated anonymously. In case of technical problems or if you prefer to answer the pair study in paper form, please contact . You can find further information on the website.


Alumni Spotlight

ERC Consolidator Grants for Laura De Laporte and Rafael Kramann

RWTH researchers Professor Laura De Laporte and Professor Rafael Kramann are funded by the European Research Council - ERC for short - with what are known as Consolidator Grants. These are among the most prestigious funding instruments of the European Union. According to the ERC, consolidator grants provide support during a phase of consolidation of a research team or program. For this, the groundbreaking character, ambition and feasibility of the scientific proposal must be demonstrated.
Laura De Laporte and Rafael Kramann will now each be funded by the ERC for five years. Both had previously succeeded in obtaining an ERC Starting Grant. Independently of their respective grants, De Laporte and Kramann are also working together within the Clinical Research Unit (KFO 5011) to investigate new in vitro disease models for the kidney.

Three RWTH Scientists Receive the ERC Starting Grant

The European Research Council, ERC for short, is funding three RWTH scientists with so-called Starting Grants. The applicants must have outstanding previous work to show and must submit the application a maximum of seven years after completing their doctorate. Professor Michael Schaub, Junior Professor of Computational Network Science in the Department of Computer Science, Dr. Christoph Kuppe, group leader in the Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine and Systems Biology, and Dr. Yang Shi, group leader in the Department of Experimental Molecular Imaging, will now each receive up to 1.5 million euros for their further research.

Rolf Bracke has Been Made an Adjunct Professor

Professor Rolf Bracke, head of the Fraunhofer Institute for Energy Infrastructures and Geothermal Energy IEG, holder of the Chair of Geothermal Energy Systems at the Ruhr University Bochum and RWTH alumnus, was awarded the title of "Adjunct Professor" by RWTH Rector Professor Ulrich Rüdiger. One focus of Bracke's work is the transformation of mining-related technologies in the development of climate-neutral energy systems: With the elimination of coal, oil and natural gas combustion, the heat market needs new energy sources. Geothermal energy, especially heat from thermal waters of the deep rock strata, could supply heating and industrial processes with sustainable, local and base-loadable energy.


Continued Education & Career

"RWTH Alumni Job Portal" Online

On our job portal RWTH Alumni, companies have the opportunity to publish job offers for vacant management positions or for employees with experience. If you as a company are interested in publishing a job advertisement, please feel free to contact us by .

At the same time, this platform is aimed specifically at our alumni who are looking for career advancement and change. Currently, job offers of consulting4drive GmbH (Senior Consultant Business & Technology (m/f/d)), the City of Dortmund (Engineer/Planner (m/f/d) for the area of traffic modeling) as well as the City of Aachen (Head of Department "Bauaufsichtsbezirk Süd" (m/f/d)) and Buss-SMS-Canzler GmbH (Sales Engineer for process engineering apparatus and plants (m/f/d) and Project Manager Process Engineering (m/f/d)) are published there.

RWTH International Academy offers: Reduced Participation Fees for Members of the RWTH Alumni Network

When booking a continuing education event at the RWTH International Academy, the fee is reduced for alumni as a result of your membership in the RWTH Alumni Network. When booking certificate courses and seminars as well as Full-Time Master study programs, the participation fee is reduced by five percent; for Part-Time programs, the amount is reduced by ten percent. The courses and study programs can be booked on the homepage of the International Academy.

Executive MBA Technology Management

Your knowledge, experience and a healthy intuition have already taken you far - with the Executive MBA from RWTH Business School, you can extend your lead even further! Intensive modules on management and leadership provide a toolbox for making sound decisions and deriving recommendations for action.
The focus of the program is on the opportunities for companies arising from new technologies and digital transformation. The next start is in October 2022 and applications will be accepted until August 31. Simply send us an if you are interested.

The New MBA at RWTH Business School

Want to take the next step in your career to drive the digital transformation of industry? Our Full-Time MBA in Digitalization & Industrial Change paves this path for you. You will directly experience how digital technologies are applied in modern industries and acquire professional as well as interpersonal skills to lead digital projects in a team to success. Applications for the start of the upcoming winter semester are still possible until August 31, 2022. If you have any questions about the program, please contact us via .

Continuing education events of the WZLforum

25th Family Business Career Day - Apply Now

On May 20, 2022, the 25th Family Business Career Day will take place at Goldbeck GmbH in Bielefeld. RWTH graduates and alumni will have the opportunity to talk directly with the owners and decision-makers of Germany's leading family businesses about individual career prospects. RWTH alumni and students who are about to graduate will receive a Wild Card, which means they do not have to go through the official application process, but will be admitted directly! To redeem a Wild Card, interested parties must enter the keyword "RWTH Aachen Alumni" in the application form in the question "How did you hear about the event?". The application deadline is April 11, 2022.

For Female Networkers: "When it Works, it Works!"

On April 26, 2022, at 5 p.m., digitally via Zoom, the Kompetenzzentrum Frau und Beruf of the Zweckverband Region Aachen will present three companies that would like to appeal in particular to female students, female professionals and women re-entering the STEM field. Carpus + Partner AG, ene't GmbH, and Roskopf Unternehmensgruppe will offer opportunities for jobs and internships as well as thesis opportunities. Register via the website.
Participation is free of charge.


Science & Business

Energy Transition With Green Hydrogen

The Department of Computer Science and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering/Information Technology at RWTH, in cooperation with the regional group of the Society for Computer Science (RIA), the Regional Industry Club for Computer Science Aachen (Regina) and the Aachen group of the German University Association, invite you to several online lectures.

On Monday, April 4, 2022, RWTH Professor Anna Mechler, Department of Electrochemical Reaction Engineering, will give an online lecture on "Potentials of Hydrogen Production and Utilization." The lecture will highlight a new type of hydrogen transport and storage. Afterwards, Dr. Daniel Teichmann, CEO of Hydrogenious LOHC in Erlangen, Germany, will present the development of a key technology that contributes to building globally green as well as high-performance hydrogen value chains in his talk "How Hydrogen Enables Industry Transformation." The event will take place from 5 to 6:30 pm. Here you can find more information about the two presentations and you can sign up to take part.

New RWTH Podcast on Structural Change

In Tell me about it, RWTH! scientists talk about the transformation process in the Rhenish mining area. Structural change is a huge challenge and has an impact on all areas of life. RWTH Aachen University has created the REVIERa transformation platform, which brings together research for the future in the Rhenish mining area. In the podcast "Tell me about it, RWTH!" scientists talk about the Rhenish mining area and its future. The first two episodes are now online.

Christian Gülpen from the TIME Research Area, an association of economics chairs at RWTH, is the expert in the first episode. He explains what makes the area so attractive for start-ups, what challenges have to be overcome and what makes up the special spirit of the people in the region.

In the second episode, Professor Agnes Förster from the RWTH Chair of Planning Theory and Urban Development gives an insight into the work of the REVIERa core team. She explains why dialog and knowledge transfer are core tasks of a university and how even schoolchildren can be involved in the process.

Digitization of the German Stone and Earth Industry

The Institute of Raw Materials Engineering, or MRE, headed by Professor Bernd Lottermoser, and FIR e. V. at RWTH Aachen University, under the scientific direction of Professor Günther Schuh and the management of Professor Volker Stich, are developing a demonstrator of a digital platform that will enable companies in the stone and earth industry (S&E industry) to generate knowledge about the current capacity utilization of their operations and to forecast demand based on internal and external data. This is taking place as part of the PROmining research project.

To this end, MRE and FIR are pooling their expertise with regard to digitalization and business transformation as well as specialist and industry knowledge. The project is funded by the German Federation of Industrial Research Associations (AiF) and the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) with around 420,000 euros.

Exhibition on Land Policy at RWTH Aachen University

The Land Issue. Climate, Economy, Common Good is the title of an exhibition that can be visited from March 25, 2022 to April 28, 2022 in the foyer of the Reiff Museum at the RWTH Faculty of Architecture, Schinkelstraße 1 in Aachen.

The exhibition takes a look at the impact of current land policy on climate, economy and public welfare. This is changing noticeably since the world financial market crisis. As conservative financial investments are no longer profitable, soils have become internationally sought-after investment objects. Rising rents are a symptom of this, but at the heart of the matter, the social market economy and the common good are at risk.

Discover Nature and Climate With the new Geo app

As part of the "Year of Science 2022 - In Demand!", RWTH institutes developed the OpenGeoResearch app for the public. In everyday life, we regularly encounter questions that relate to a specific location and can hardly be answered by doing our own research. The app "OpenGeoResearch - Climate, Environment, City" that has now been published provides answers to these spatial questions. The platform was developed by the Geodetic Institute and the Institute of Geography at RWTH Aachen University together with other cooperation partners to promote the exchange between science and the population and to answer geographically locatable questions in an open dialog. The project is part of the BMBF's "Year of Science 2022 - In Demand!".

The Fast Track Bachelor Admission Program has Begun

We request that this information be forwarded to interested students abroad: RWTH Aachen University makes it possible for particularly gifted students, who would normally have to attend a preparatory college or study two semesters in their home country according to the rules applicable in Germany, to enter Bachelor studies directly after school. The prerequisite for direct entry into a Bachelor's degree program is acceptance into the Fast Track Bachelor Admission Program, or FTBA. To be eligible for the FTBA program, applicants must demonstrate above-average performance in school in the STEM field, a very good TestAS score, and very good German language skills. The application deadline for the winter semester 2022/2023 in the following Bachelor's degree programs is May 30, 2022:

The selected participants take part in a mentoring program that is specially tailored to the target group.

Major Construction Site on Turmstraße

The Turmstraße bridge will soon be demolished and replaced by a new one. According to an expert opinion and an economic feasibility study, it is not possible to renovate the bridge, which was built in 1971. This break in the traffic flow will have significant consequences for RWTH Aachen University and its members as well as for all road users. At its meeting on February 17, 2022, the Council's Mobility Committee agreed to the recommendations of the city's technical administration regarding the rerouting of traffic. From May 2, 2022, Turmstraße will be closed in both directions between Professor-Pirlet-Straße and Claßenstraße. In addition, according to the city of Aachen, Geschwister-Scholl-Strasse will be completely closed from May 2 to June 30, 2022, after which it will be reopened exclusively for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Rail traffic between Westbahnhof and Schanz station will have to be interrupted from 9 p.m. on May 13 until May 27, 2022, due to the demolition work. According to Deutsche Bahn AG, rail traffic from Düsseldorf/Mönchengladbach in the direction of Aachen will then end in Herzogenrath. A rail replacement service to Aachen will be provided there. The entire construction project is scheduled for completion in December 2023.



01./08./29.04.2022 COVID 19 vaccination campaign at RWTH Aachen University
29.04.2022 6th RWTH Campus Run of the RWTH University Sports Center (HSZ)

This represents just a handful of events happening in the city. Take a look at more upcoming events organized by RWTH, AStA, the city of Aachen, and the aachen convention.


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