August 2013, Issue 128


Alumni News

"keep in touch" now also as E-Zine for Tablet PCs

August 2013 saw the publication of issue no. 55 of keep in touch, the alumni magazine of RWTH Aachen. In this most recent issue, you can find a comprehensive interview with RWTH alumnus Friedrich Joussen, the current Chairman of the Board of TUI AG and former CEO of Vodafone Germany. For the first time, keep in touch is also available in interactive e-zine format for iPads and Android tablet PCs, with additional videos, photo galleries, and other “extras.”

Golden and Silver Doctoral Degree Anniversary 2013

In a few weeks, the University will once again hold its Golden and Silver Doctorate Anniversary event for doctoral degree recipients from RWTH Aachen. Invited are all former students who have completed their doctorate 50 and 25 years ago respectively. Apart from other invited guests, RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg will be present at the celebration event, which will take place in the Aula of the RWTH main building. Prior the event, jubilee participants will have the opportunity to attend a presentation on the new RWTH Aachen Campus research park and to explore the new campus areas on a guided bus tour.

To get an impression of the event, you may have a look at the Video on the Doctorate Anniversary 2012.


Research & Business

RWTH Aachen Receives DHV Seal of Approval

RWTH Aachen is the first German university to receive the seal of approval from the German Association of University Professors and Lecturers, DHV for short, for its fair and transparent recruitment process for professorial staff. In the evaluation process, several factors, both “hard” and “soft,” were responsible for the university’s success: According to the reviewers, the appointment process is applicant-friendly and well-structured. The different stages of the process and their results are clearly and openly communicated. Furthermore, in the first hundred days, newly appointed professors as well as their partners and children are supported in several ways.

The DHV advises a large number of professorship candidates on appointment and retention negotiations. In its evaluation process, the DHV draws on the experience and expertise of its advisors and conducts interviews with the professors of the university under consideration, asking them about their experience in the appointment process.




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