October 2013, Issue 130


Alumni News

keep in touch Available as e-magazine for Tablet PCs for the First Time

The current keep in touch, Issue 55, is the first to also be published as an interactive e-magazine for iPads and Android tablet-PCs. You can see and experience the alumni magazine in a new way: videos, photo galleries, panoramas, and other extras enrich your connection to RWTH and the City of Aachen. The issue can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and in the Google PlayStore.

RWTH Doctoral Jubilee

A total of eight golden jubilarians and 70 silver jubilarians from all faculties and the doctoral cohorts in 1962 and 1987, as well as numerous other guests, doctoral advisors, and deans accepted Rector Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg's invitation to celebrate their golden and silver doctoral jubilees and to receive their renewal diplomas in the decorated Aula 1 in the Main Building on Templergraben.

"Come Together“ im Londoner Pub

RWTH Aachen alumni in London recently met together in a casual atmosphere at "Smithy's Restaurant & Wine Bar." Rana Ilgaz, who has been actively involved with the London alumni work for years, organized the meet up. Barbara Shray, staff member at the RWTH Aachen International Office, also participated.

International RWTH Alumni Get Together in the Metropolis of São Paulo

The first big alumni get together in South America recently took place in the Brazilian megacity São Paulo. Over 40 guests participated in the get together, which including brief informative presentations and snacks. Prof. Dr. Michael Vorländer, RWTH Rector's Delegate for Collaboration with Brazil, presented current developments, projects, and funding programs at RWTH Aachen to the guests and gave the present graduates information about the university's alumni activities.

Alumni Explore the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg

The International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg was the most recently target of an excursion by the alumni group in northern Germany. About 30 RWTH Aachen alumni got together in the untypical mild autumn weather in the Wilhelmsburg neighborhood of Hamburg. There they separated into two groups and were given a professional tour of parts of the IBA project area.

German Air Traffice Control at the RWTH Science Night

The RWTH Science Night is taking place once again on November 8, 2013, for the eleventh time. As in the past, the Alumni Network is contributing to the event: Axel Raab, Press Officer from German Air Traffice Control or DFS, and alumnus Jascha Runow, expert for fast-time simulaions at DFS, will be presenting in Hörsaal IV in the Main Building at 9:15pm and speaking about how flight safety works.

Tickets for RWTH Gala Ball

With a great show, live music, and lots of glamour, the Gala Ball presented by Sparkasse Aachen on November 30, 2013, will works its magic on all those who find their way to the Eurogress. Those who don't want to miss the social highlight of the academic year, shouldn't wait to snatch up the highly sought after tickets. Students and apprentices pay 18 euros, while all dance enthusiasts pay 35 euros. Tickets can be bought at the following locations:

  • University Sports Center: Monday to Thursday from 10am to noon and 4 to 6:30pm, Fridays from 10am to 12:30pm
  • Info Office in the RWTH Aachen Main Building: Monday to Friday from 10am to 12 noon and from 2 to 4pm
  • University Hospital Aachen: Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

For out-of-town alumni, who cannot buy their tickets at the advanced ticket sale locations, there is a special service for odering tickets online. Please send an if interested.

The Film Studio is once again serving up "Die Feuerzangenbowle"

The Film Studio will be screening Die Feuerzangenbowle on November 22, 2013. This is the 26th time in Aachen, that people can watch Pfeiffer with three "f" in many rooms at RWTH Aachen and then party or enjoy the evening with a Feuerzangenbowle with friends in different Aachen bars or at home.

RWTH Survey among Graduates from the Class of 2012

How satisfied are graduates with their studies at RWTH Aachen? How good are their prospects in the job market? IN order to get answers to thse questions and more about studies and beginning a career, RWTH Aachen is participating in the national graduate survey of INCHER Kassel. The current survey period just began. All graduates from class of 2012 are being survey, who received their degree in winter semester 2011/2012 or summe rsemester 2012. As a graduate of this year, you will receive an invitation to participate in the coming weeks. The survey can also be filled out online.

Executive MBA "live"

The RWTH Aachen International Academy EMBA team invites the public to attend an information event within the EMBA third module "Company Development & Strategic Management". The event will take place on November 5, 2013, starting at 7pm in Hotel Bloemendaal in Vaals. Uner the direction of Professor Thomas Kittsteiner and Dr. Helmut Dinger interested individuals can experience a business conversation with Guido Beyss, Vice President of GEA Refrigeration Technology.

The MBA Lounge is taking place for the second time on November 26, 2013, in Stuttgart. Use the opportunity to experience the EMBA live and gather personal insight.

Register via .


Alumni Spotlight

New President of the German Association for Nephrology

RWTH Professor Jürgen Flöge is the new president of the German Association for Nephrology and is thus at the top of all nephrologists. Flöge, who works in the Department of Kidney and Hypertension Diseases, and Rheumatological and Immunological Diseases in the Department of Medicine II at University Hospital Aachen, was selected by members of the association to serve for three years.

RWTH Alumnus Receives Literature Honor from the City of Cologne

Christoph Wenzel, Aachener lyricist and literary scholar, has received the Rolf Dieter Brinkmann Fellowship from the City of Cologne. Wenzel was born in 1979 in Hamm in Westphalia and studied German and English studies in Aachen. Today he lives and works here as an author, publisher, and university employee. He is the publisher of [SIC] literary publishing house and publisher of the literary magazine [SIC] together with Daniel Ketteler.


Science & Business

RWTH Aachen Awarded the Bavarian State Prize in Electric Mobility 2013

The Bavarian State Prize in Electric Mobility, the so-called eCarTec-Award , goes to North Rhine-Westphalia. RWTH researchers from the Institute of Automotive Engineering, ika for short, and the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives, ISEA for short, received the Bavarian State Prize in Electric Mobility in the category “Storage Technology and Systems Integration.” The so-called eCarTec Award, awarded by the Bavarian state government, recognizes innovative achievement in seven categories.

Aachener Physicists Celebrate Noble Prize for Peter Higgs and François Englert

RWTH physicists were particularly happy about the Nobel Prize being awarded to particle physicists Peter Higgs and François Englert. Both recipients developed their theories independent of each other during the 1960s, but evidence of the so-called Higgs particle was first found last year at the European research center CERN in Genf. The international researcher team involved in the work included working groups from the RWTH Aachen Institutes of Physics Ib and IIIa/b. They made a crucial contribution the planning, development, and construction of the detectors and to the analysis of the results. The theoretical calculations necessary for the discovery and understanding the properties of the Higgs particle, were partially conducted at the Institute of Theoretical Particle Physics and Cosmology.

RWTH Aachen and Bayer Establish New Research Center

RWTH Aachen University and Bayer Technology Services or BTS have established the Joint Research Center on Computational Biomedicine at RWTH Aachen. The Joint Research Center on Computational Biomedicine will be headed by Prof. Andreas Schuppert, key expert for industrial mathematics at Bayer Technology Services and university professor at the Aachen Institute for Advanced Study in Computational Engineering Science, RWTH Aachen University, in collaboration with another professor still to be appointed. The objective of this pre-competitive partnership is the development of new methods in the fast-growing area of computer-based modeling of complex biological processes.

Pheromones Drive Social Behavior

Together with international collaborative partners, RWTH professor, Marc Spehr, has published a study in the professional journal Nature on the influence of pheromones on the social behavior of mice. Pheromones play an important role in the social behavior of many animals. They facilitate information about the sex, reproduction cycle, state of health of other species members. In the study, researchers were able to prove that a newly discovered pheromone, ESP 22, delivers information about the age of mice.

Day of the Hybrid 2013

Over 70 experts visited the Aachen professional conference Tag des Hybrids on October 7, 2013. Participants talked about current developments and trends in the field of alternative engines at the Institute of Automotive Engineering, ika for short, at RWTH Aachen.

Annex Building for Computer Science

RWTH Aachen invested approximately eight million euros in the new computer science annex building. The inaugration for the building on the Ahornstraße has now taken place. The building was constructed in record time. Work began on the four-story building, which borders the Sammelbau Ahornstraße protected as historic monument, in September 2012. Employees at the Chairs of Communication and Distributed Systems and Computer Graphics and Multimedia were able to move into the new space in June 2013.

New Sports Hall on Eckertweg

150 guests and representatives from the Rector's Office, Central University Administration, and other university institutions celebrated the opening of the new sports hall with the RWTH Aachen University Sports Center on October 15, 2013. Users of the university sports services can look forward to more comfort and more flexible playing times.




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