May 2014, Issue 137


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A Special International Understanding

At the last RWTH Greek-Turkish alumni get together in Aachen in 2007, many alumni from the two countries could only see the shell of the SuperC. RWTH Rector, Professor Ernst Schmachtenberg recently welcomed approximately 50 graduates from the 60s and 70s who regularly meet, in the SuperC, which has since been finished. Mayor Marcel Philipp insisted on receiving the guests from Greece and Turkey personally in the White Hall of the city hall. rof. Dr. Georg Fotiadis, representative for Greek alumni, and Dr. Okan Akin, 1st Chair of the Turkish Alumni Association Aachen-Istanbul, hope to continue these relationships with younger graduate generations. During the get together the alumni were able to establish initial contact to "their" students.

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Goal or Not?

Mats Hummels: Goal scorer or not? According to Dirk Broichhausen, Executive Manager of Goal Control in Würselen, his company's goal line technology could have easily shown whether the header from the Dortmund player in this year's DFB final was behind the line or not. This topic hasn't just been extensively and emotionally discussed in media, football clubs, and regular get togethers. The RWTHextern Citizens' Forum and the RWTH alumni network held a discussion panel on the topic "Goal or Not". Dirk Broichhausen and Reiner Plaßhenrich, Co-Coach of Alemannia and former professional player, and Darius Kudela, referee in the League of the Middle Rhein, argued in favor of using the goal line technology.

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Interested Alumni Sought for EXTRARAUM Campaign

EXTRARAUM – an initiative from the City of Aachen and its universities – has worked since November 2011 to create sufficient housing for students in Aachen. The initiative brings attention to students' situation through created measures and public relations work and asks for support from residents. In 2014, focus is being placed on students with a foreign background, who are unfortunately often at a disadvantage. It is often much more difficult for them to find housing, because landlords are unfamiliar with deadling with students with a non-German background. In order to calm landlords' fears, EXTRARAUM is planning a campaign to demonstrate that students with a foreign background are a positive component of our society, enrich our society, and contribute to its success. For this reason the campaign is seeking RWTH alumni with of foreign descent, who were able to positively position themselves in the region after their studies. Advertisements and interviews about the university experience and professional development are planned as well as experiences in the housing market and intercultural experiences. If you fit the profile and are interested in supporting this project or would like additional information, please contact from the EXTRARAUM initiative.


Alumni Spotlight

Second Terms in Office for Rector and Chancellor

In its fourth meeting this year, the Senate of RWTH Aachen, headed by Professor Ulrich Simon, approved of the selection committee’s proposal and re-appointed Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg and Chancellor Manfred Nettekoven for their second terms in office. The selection committee consisted of members of both the Senate and the University’s Board of Governors. The Senate must then approve the Board of Governors' vote.

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Equal Opportunities Officer Re-elected

The Senate has re-elected Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez as Equal Opportunities Officer at RWTH Aachen for the next four years. Her deputies are Erika Ábrahám und Michaela Weishoff-Houben. Dr. Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez has been Equal Opportunities Officer at RWTH Aachen since November 2011. Dr. Michaela Weishoff-Houben is a senior physician at the Institute Institute of Hygiene and Environmental Medicine at RWTH Aachen University Hospital. Dr. Erika Ábrahám has been a junior professor at the Chair of Computer Science 2 and head of the Theory of Hybrid Systems research group at RWTH Aachen since 2008.

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Science & Business

New Research Training Group, New Collaborative Research Center at RWTH

The German Research Foundation, DFG for short, is establishing thirteen new Research Training Groups to further support early career researchers in Germany. The RTGs will receive funding of approximately 48 million Euros for an initial period of four and a half years. The training group Quantum Many-Body Methods in Condensed Matter Systems at RWTH Aachen, including collaboration with Forschungszentrum Jülich, is among the new groups.

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The German Research Foundation also passed a decision to establish 13 new collaborative research centers – including one at RWTH Aachen. The new collaborative research center "Precision Melt Engineering - Precision Manufacturing by Controlling Melt Dynamics and Solidification in Production Processes" will be established October 1, 2014. RWTH Aachen serves as the host university with Professor Dr. Reinhart Poprawe, Head of the Chair of Laser Technology LLT and of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laster Technology ILT, serving as spokesperson. ACCESS e.V. located in Aachen and affiliated with the university has a partial project with the new SFB.

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UEFA versus FIFA

A RWTH doctoral candidate investigated the regulations of the Union of European Football Associations, UEFA, and the Federation of International Football Associations, FIFA, in a research paper – with surprising results. Many football fans find it exciting that near the end of the group phase during world and European championships, a team's own game is not the only thing that counts, but rather the results of other matches. Other people feel this is a great injustice. Yannick Berker, doctoral candidate at the Institute of Experimental Molecular Imaging at RWTH posed the question: Should a game between two football teams influence the order of two other teams? Berker took up this question in a research project – and found surprising results. There are questionable situations in about ten percent of the groups, if one applies UEFA regulations to the final rounds of the European Championship. When applying the corresponding FIFA regulations, which are used during the final rounds of the World Championship, this number sinks to less than 0.1 percent.

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Scents in Mouse Urine Cause Complex Behavior

In the animal kingdom social behavior is controlled by a number of signals. Mouse urine, for example, contains so called major urinary proteins or MUPs. These convey important information, including an animal's aggression and coupling behavior. For the first time, Prof. Dr. Marc Spehr, Lichtenberg Professor of Biology and Biotechnology in Aachen, was able to show with international collaborative partners, how these different information is produced and recognized. The research results were presented in the renowned professional journal Cell.

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Romance Studies to be Discontinued

RWTH Aachen is planning to discontinue Romance Studies. This is a response to the decreasing number of students and sinking need for teachers in the school subjects French and Spanish. The NRW Ministry of School and Futher Education and the Ministry of Innovation, Science, and Research support this plan.

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Around RWTH

Awards for RWTH Start-Up Companies

The Aachen company Indurad GmbH has been presented with the AC2 Innovation Award, which is sponsored by the City of Aachen, the Aachen City Region, and the Districts of Düren, Euskirchen, and Heinsberg. Induard GmbH was established six years ago as a spin-out company from RWTH Aachen. The firm develops radar technology solutions for the mining industry, such as radar scanners for the purpose of inventory control, radar-based belt volume scanners and speed sensors, and online positioning solutions for a huge variety of mining equipment.

Furthermore, the Business Growth Prize was awarded to “Modell Aachen GmbH,” a start-up by RWTH and the Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology. The company develops software for interactive management systems and offers advising and other services.

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"What do I want to be? Do I want to go to university? What courses of study and jobs are even available?"

14 to 16 year old school students who are asking themselves these questions are invited to come on Saturday, June 28, 2014, from 10am to 2pm to a day of career field discovery in Kármán Auditorium. At the First-Year Student Info Day visitors attend talks where they learn what subjects can be studied at RWTH and what careers are then open to them afterwards. Academic advisors and students are available at numerous stands to talk and answer questions. Exhibits from the different disciplines are displayed to encourage visitors to test things out and experiment. Parents are also welcome!




June 3 and 4, 2014: 6th Aachen Assembly Workshop WZLforum at RWTH

June 11 and 12, 2014: AIMS 2014 Sixth International Symposium: High Performing Mining

June 13, 2014: RWTH Alumni Get Together in Berlin with a Visit to the Mies van der Rohe House

June 16 to 18, 2014: 2nd TMFB International Conference of the Cluster of Excellence: Tailor-Made Fuels from Biomass

June 17, 2014: Regenerative Energies Colloquium: Electromobility and Smart Technologies from the Perspective of Municipal Works Conducting Research; Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Hauke Hinrichs, smartlab

June 23 to July 18, 2014: Shock – Fear – Euphoria: The Beginning of the War 1914 in Aachen
Exhibition by Students from the RWTH Institute of History in the Main Building, Room 130

June 24, 2014: Planning and Carrying Out Steel and Steel Concrete Construction in Modern Engineering; Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Schulte, Senior Project Head, HOCHTIEF Engineering GmbH, Essen

June 26, 2014: Philosophy Colloquium: Time Travels – Reality and Fiction; Talk by Dr. Georg Friedrich, RWTH Aachen

June 28, 2014: Technology on Tour: Natural Space, Relief, and Georesources in the Aachen Urban Area; City Excursion with Prof. Frank Lehmkuhl, RWTH Chair of Physical Geography and Geoecology

June 28, 2014: First-Year Student Info Day 2014 for School Students (15 to 16 Years Old)

June 28, 2014: "Rector’s Cup 2014“ Golf Tournament for Alumni, Professors, Friends, and Donors of RWTH; Info:

July 1, 2014: 16th Aachen Polluted Area and Surface Damange Colloquium (ABK): New Developments in Fracking


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