October 2014, Issue 142


Alumni News

Alumni as Important Intermediaries for German Engineering and Natural Sciences

"There are currently about 500 university partnerships in engineering and 300 in the natural sciences between Germany and Korea. Our goal is to double these numbers in the future," states German Ambassador, Rolf Mafael, at the alumni get together of Germany's leading technical universities, which took place at the beginning of October the evening before the Joint Korean-German Conference on Future and Technology in Seoul. It is a particular concern of Mafael's, to raise awareness in Korea about Germany as an outstanding location for academics and research in engineering and the natural sciences. As important intermediaries and multipliers, the ambassador is counting on the support of the ADeKo alumni association of Korean alumni of Germany, particularly the alumni of the TU9 universities. Over 100 alumni from the Universities of Darmstadt, Dresden, Stuttgart, Berlin, and Braunschweig, and of course RWTH Aachen attended the TU9 alumni get together.

RWTH Alumni Visit the Elb Philharmonic Construction Site in Hamburg

At the beginning of October almost forty RWTH alumni had the special opportunity to visit one of the most highly disputed construction projects in Germany – the Elb Philharmonic Hall, still under construction, in the Hamburg harbor. Two groups visited the Elb Philharmonic Hall construction site under profession direction early on Saturday morning. Many of the participants from RWTH alumni's regional network came with reservations due to the numerous and critical news in the media and press. Upon closer look, however, they were able to determine that many steps had been made and that large portions of the project were finished. The overall response was positive at the end of the informative tour, which once again was made possible by alumni Dr. Winfried Sturm and Arno Rogalla. Thank you!

2014 RWTH Science Night

The Alumni network will once again be represented at the RWTH Science Night this year. Goal line technology from Goal Control, located in Würselen, was used for the first time at the football world cup. Dipl.-Ing. René Beaujean, RWTH alumnus and executive director of Goal Control GmbH, will be presenting a review of the "World Cup Mega-Project" and a look to the future of goal line technology. The presentation will be at 9:45pm in Hörsaal II of the RWTH Main Building, Templergraben 55.

The Aachen "5 to 12" Science Night on Facebook


Alumni Spotlight

RWTH Alumnus New Director of swissnuclear Branch

Philippe Renault (37) has been elected the new director of the swissnuclear office in Olten. Renault, who completed his doctorate in civiil engineering, entered office on October 1, 2014. Since 2008 he has led the structure-hazard analyses at swissnuclear, including the project Pegasos, which stands for Probabilistische Erdbeben-Gefährdungs-Analyse für die Kernkraftwerk-Standorte in der Schweiz. Renault studied and completed his doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen.

Read more in the swissnuclear press release (PDF file)


Continued Education

RWTH Certificate Course "Industrial B2B Marketing"

The next Industrial B2B Marketing, offered by RWTH International Academy, will take place in February and March 2015. The course consists of two modules which include three and two days of attendance respectively (Module 1: February 17 to 19, 2015, Module 2: March 26 to 27, 2015) and an independent learning period, during which learned material is applied to a project. The certificate course is targeted towards technical and management personnel, who work in marketing or sales of a company in the B2B sector. This course is also ideal for individuals, who work on the development of such strategies in controlling or production planning as internal providers of important information. Participation is particularly suitable for employees in the branches machine and facility construction, logistics, chemistry, construction, and industrial service providers.

CKI Conference 2014

The Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange at RWTH Aachen is hosting the CKI Conference on December 11, 2014 at the Aachen Tivoli Stadium. The conference's emphasis is on "Electrification | Automation | Digitalization." The knowledge transfer between partners and the promotion of talent are at the focus of this year's CKI Conference. Aside from presentations by RWTH professors and Siemens experts, topical workshops and a career meeting point will be organized for participants. RWTH students and employees have the opportunity to participate in an idea workshop and demonstrate their creativity.


Job Openings & Benefits

Development, Integration, and Activation of Software Systems for Traffic Management on Streets

The leading, internationally-active software systems house in the traffic telematics branch, Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH, is searching for a project coordinator in Aachen, starting immediately. Computer scientists or civil engineerings in the field of transportation are sought.

Job posting (de)


Science & Business

JARA Institutes Bundle Skills from Aachen and Jülich

The Jülich Aachen Research Alliance, JARA, took an important step towards fortifying the partnership between RWTH Aachen and Forschungszentrum Jülich on September 30, 2014. By signing the framework condition to create JARA institutes, a foundation has been laid for tighter, targeted joint research. The first step includes founding two institutes from each of the sections JARA-BRAIN and JARA-FIT.

23rd Aachen Automotive and Motor Engineering Colloquium

1,800 participants recently experienced technical innovations and exciting discussions about the newest developments in the automobile industry.

With 1,800 participants the 23rd Aachen Automotive and Motor Engineering Colloquium was booked to capacity. Professor Lutz Eckstein from the Institute of Automotive Engineering or ika and Professor Stefan Pischinger from the Institute of Combustion Engines were responsible for organizing the colloquium. Over 100 technical presentations and an exhibition with 69 exhibitors reflected the important of Europe's largest automotive and motor engineering conference.

Read more in the ika press release (PDF file)

German Research Foundation Traveling Exhibition at RWTH Aachen

The RWTHextern Citizens' Forum is hosting the German Research Foundation's, DFG, traveling exhibition "Von der Idee zur Erkenntnis" from October 22 to November 14, 2014, in the Reiff Museum. The exhibition presents outstanding research projects that are supported by the DFG with individual funding. Using examples they demonstrate the diversity of topics and approaches to solutions that scientists pursue in their work.

Citizens' Forum Begins in the Winter Semester

Right on time for the semester's new start, the RWTHextern team has once again prepared many exciting events for you. Highlights this winter include Einstein's Music Box, which is taking place for the third time already, a visit from tango virtuosos Vicente Bögeholz on the guitar and Juanjo Mosalini on the bandoneón, as well as the WDR Bigband concert.

You can find all dates in the new RWTHextern program booklet and on the Facebook page.




keep in touch Alumni Magazine Available as E-magazine for Tablet PCs for the First Time

The keep in touch is now available as an interactive e-magazine for iPads and Android tablet PCs, starting with the past issue, Issue 55. The issue can be downloaded for free in the Apple Store and in the Google PlayStore.


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