December 2015, Issue 156


Alumni News

Tour of the Lichtkanal of Hella KG Hueck & Co. in Lippstadt

On January 25, 2016, RWTH alumni will take a tour of the Lichtkanal at car parts supplier Hella KG & Hueck Co. in Westphalian Lippstadt. At 140 meters long and eleven meters wide, it is Hella's largest lab, in which the innovative headlight and signal light systems are developed. The event begins at 4pm with a welcome address and presentations in the neighboring conference center "HELLA Globe," Rixbecker Str. 57. The tour of the Lichtkanal will begin at 5pm. A get together will follow in the Hella Globe. Please register at

Review: Hamburg - RWTH Alumni Get Exclusive Look at Eppendorf

At the last alumni get together in Hamburg on Friday, November 20, 2015, around 30 RWTH alumni came together to learn more about the company Eppendorf. This event was initiated by Eppendorf employee and RWTH alumnus Dr. Bernd Petersen.

During the exclusive tour of the company, they learned how Eppendorf was a pioneer in the field of medical equipment construction, creating for example the predecessor of the modern eye laser, the "Ophthalmochirug," and has developed into a global provider of life science products. Eppendorf products can be found in almost all labs around the world. Furthermore, a lecture titled "CSI in Hamburg," discussed how forensic scientists use biochemical methods in the lab to help solve crimes using the smallest amounts of DNA traces and to convict perpetrators.

Presentation of the 2015 Friedrich Wilhelm Awards

RWTH Aachen honored 25 students, doctoral candidates, and post-docs with the 2015 Friedrich Wilhelm Awards . The Friedrich Wilhem Award is awarded by the foundation of the same name, which was founded in 1865 by the predecessor of the current Aachener und Münchener Beteiligungs-gesellschaft.


Alumni Spotlight

Professor Manfred Weck Inducted Into the Hall of Fame

Manager Magazin inducted professor emeritus Dr.-Ing Manfred Weck from RWTH Aachen University into the Hall of Fame of German Research . Since 2009, this hall of fame has distinguished scientists, whose work has been an oustanding contribution to the further development of science and has made Germany a sustainable place for business in the international competiton.


Continued Education & Career

Certificate Course in "Social Media" – Continuing Education on Professionally Using Social Media Like Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Do you want to use social media for your marketing but also want to professionally plan your presence in social media and efficiently implement it? Both certificate courses Social Media Management for Decision Makers and Social Media Marketing for Users enable you to recognize and evaluate potential for the successful implemetnation of social media in external and internal company communication. Using practical exercises, you learn how to use different tools and instruments to create a social media strategy. Upon successful participation you will receive the official university certificate of RWTH Aachen.

Certificate Course "Business Planning" Starting March 2016

Are you faced with the challenge of determining new business potential, renewing current structures, or realizing a business idea? A structure business plan helps you to analyze your entrepreneuerial process and to determine the factors of success of forward-oriented company development. You will acquire the know how necessary for transforming a business idea into a business plan in the five-day Certificate Course: Business Planning from March 14 to 18, 2016. After you successfully create and present your business plan, you will receive the official "Business Planning" certificate from RWTH Aachen.


Please make note of the WZLforum's continuing education offers at RWTH Aachen.


Science & Business

RWTH Aachen Begins to Offer International Online Courses

RWTH Aachen will begin offering its first massive open online course or MOOC on the online learning platform “edX” in January. Professor Malte Brettel from the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Group will be offering an English-language course titled “Introduction to Venture Capital: How to Get Money for your Startup”. The RWTH service unit Media for Learning designed its videos especially for the format, which makes learning possible regardless of time or location. By offering this course, the Aachen university is expanding its offering in the field of innovative teaching and learning formats and open course offerings online.

RWTH Aachen Seeks to Increase Vaccination Rates

The German Research Foundation is providing 397,000 Euros in funding for a joint research project of RWTH Aachen and the University of Erfurt on the topic of “vaccine hesitancy,” a skepticism towards or even refusal of vaccines despite wide availability of vaccination services. The research project seeks to identify the underlying causes of vaccine hesitancy and propose measures to counteract this trend. Funding has been granted for three years.

Researchers from various fields, including social and health psychology, behavioral economics, and theoretical physics, are working together in the interdisciplinary project under the direction of Professor Robert Böhm from the RWTH School of Business and Economics and PD Dr. Cornelia Betsch from the University of Erfurt.

ITA's Cellulose Aerogels Go Into Space

Many people dream about sending a rocket into space. Together with the German Aerospace Center or DLR, and the RWTH Aachen Institute of Textile Engineering, ITA for short, five RWTH students were able to fulfill this dream this year as part of the REXUS program. The team with David Bierbüsse, Michel Busen, Nina Körtzinger, Tobias Meinert, and Michael Stankowski tested cellulose aerogel fibers for their ability to insulate under the conditions of a rocket flight.

Day of Biology and Biotechnology

RWTH's institutes of biology opened its doors. "Interest has never been so great as it is now," emphasized professor Dr. Henner Hollert, speaker of the Department of Biology and Biotechnology, in his welcome address. Over 550 participants attended the event. The Aachen Biology and Biotechnology day is held annually and is targeted particularly towards pupils, teachers, and students, who want a look at the activities of the biological institutes.

Scholarship Award Ceremony at RWTH Aachen

During a celebratory event in the Coronation Hall of the Aachen City Hall, the particularly high-performing and talented students received the scholarship award certificates. They were handed out by RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg and the chair of the proRWTH funding association, Dr. Gunter Voswinckel. Thanks to the Germany Scholarship, 589 students will be able to study with fewer worries this coming year. RWTH was able to raise more than one million Euros from private donors.



January 9: Einstein's Music Box, Aachen Symphone Orchestra with director Kazem Abdullah at RWTH

January 12: JARA-SOFT: From Jellyfish and Diapers to Microsponges for Medicine and Technology, Professor Walter Richtering, Institute of Physical Chemistry, RWTH Aachen University

January 14: Philosophy Colloquium: Mission Impossible? Atheism Before Darwin

January 21 to 22: SignGes Opening Conference 2016, Sign Language and Gesticulation

January 23 and 24: Concert: Collegium Musicum Hochschulorchester of RWTH Aachen

January 25: Alumni Get Together in Lippstadt With a Tour of the Lichtkanal of Hella KG Hueck & Co.

January 25 to 29: Mini MBA at RWTH Aachen – Controlling

January 28 and 30: Concert: Aachener Studentenorchester e.V.


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Happy Holidays

The alumni newsletter editorial team thanks its readers for their attention and loyalty. The Alumni Team wishes all RWTH Aachen alumni happy holidays and a successful and peaceful 2016!

Fröhliche Weihnachten und ein Frohes Neues Jahr! - Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year! – Joyeux Noel et Bonne Année! – Vrolijk Kerstfest en Gelukkig Nieuwjaar! – Feliz Navidad y Próspero Ano Nuevo!


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