January 2017, Issue 169


Alumni News

Munich RWTH Visited Watchmaker Hublot

The invitation for the Alumni meeting at Hublot had hardly been announced, when the 30 spots, as well as the waitlist, had already been filled. Small wonder! It was the first tour the company allowed that year and it took the RWTH Aachen alumni into the boutique of premium watchmaker Hublot in Munich.

Store manager Martina Fuchs and her dedicated team welcomed the guests with glasses of champagne. The organizer of the evening's event, RWTH alumna Stefanie Marek, thanked them for their invitation in the name of the RWTH Alumni Team with a gift of Aachen's famous Printen cookies.

Talk by Alumnus Christoph Schmallenbach, Chairman of the Board of AM

Invited by the RWTH Computer Science Department and other institutions, Christoph Schmallenbach, Chairman of the Board of AachenMünchener Versicherung AG, will talk on information technology challenges and solutions in the insurance sector. For him, IT and informatics are no longer just a basis for applications serving to increase productivity, but also enables new business models and unprecedented services. The event is scheduled to take place on February 8, 2017, 5pm, in the Super C building.


Personal Matters

RWTH Scientist Inducted into "Junges Kolleg"

RWTH Researchers Dr. Julia Kowalski has been accepted as a young scholar into the “Junges Kolleg” of the North Rhine-Westphalian Academy of Sciences, Humanities and the Arts. Academy President Wolfgang Löwer and NRW Science Minister Svenja Schulze congratulated the recipients of the recognition.

Heitfeld Prize for Young RWTH Researchers

The Professor Karl-Heinrich Heitfeld Foundation annually awards the Heitfeld Prize to Master's and doctoral graduates from the RWTH Aachen Faculty of Georesources and Materials Engineering. At this year's award ceremony, the 22nd of its kind, five graduates received the prize for their achievements in the geosciences. Bianca Coline Biehl and Johannes Josef Böcker were honored for their doctoral dissertations, Uwe Boester received the award for his Master's thesis. Yorck Felix Adrian and Lisa Tahnee Konefke obtained travel grants.


Continued Education & Career

RWTH Alumni Jobs Portal Now Online

Starting in October 2016, companies have the opportunity to publish job openings for RWTH graduates and RWTH alumni with professional experience on the RWTH Alumni Jobs Portal. The platform is specifically targeted at our alumni, as RWTH graduates are highly sought-after in science, business and industry. Whether you are looking for an entry-level position or already have professional experience – at our RWTH Alumni Jobs Portal you will find interesting job postings. Companies that are interested in publishing their job postings on our portal are welcome to contact Ms. or the for further information.

International Academy: Reduced Tuition and Participation Fees for Members of the RWTH Alumni Network

Members of the RWTH alumni network receive a 10 percent discount on tuition fees for degree programs and a 15 percent discount on participation fees for certificate courses and seminars. To make use of this special offer, please register for the program or course on the RWTH Continuing Education Platform and enter your e-mail address. The discounts cannot be combined with other RWTH international Academy special offers.

New Offerings from the International Academy: English-taught Certificate Courses for Professionals 2017

Now you have the opportunity to enhance your Industry 4.0 skills: The RWTH International Academy offers English-taught certificate courses tailored to your needs. Of particular interest is the modular course on “Cyber-Physical Systems and Intelligent Robotics,” whose components can be freely chosen by the participants from a number of courses. Moreover, there are new courses on “Life Cycle Assessment” and “Vehicle Acoustics” starting in September 2017.

The continuing education offerings from the WZLforum (de) might be also of interest to you.


Science & Business

Interflex Project to Transform the Energy Distribution Grid

Within the last two decades, the European electric power systems have undergone dramatic changes. Distributed renewable energy sources such as wind or solar power have achieved significant shares, and new uses of electricity have emerged. Furthermore, there are new challenges posed by recent developments in the field of electric mobility. On January 1, 2017, the Interflex project, which is concerned with intelligent distribution networks – so-called smart grids –, was officially launched. The project was selected for funding by the EU Commission out of 28 competing projects, in the framework of Horizon 2020, one of the largest EU research and innovation program.

Creating a Digital Representation of the Works of Leo Hugot

The RWTH Department of Historic Building Conservation and Research has received a funding confirmation notice from the Federal Ministry for Education and Research for a special project: An Aachen research team led by Professor Christian Raabe is doing research on the estate of the Aachen architect, master builder, building researchers and city curator Leo Hugot, who lived from 1925 to 1982. Hugot’s legacy is considered an important source on the postwar reconstruction period in the Cologne-Aachen region.

RWTH and MTM Collaborate on Industry 4.0 Qualification Initiative

As part of the New Quality of Work Initiative, INQA for short, the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs provides funding for a three-year project coordinated by the RWTH Laboratory for Machine Tools and Production Engineering WZL and the German MTM Association. Over the next three years, the New Quality of Work Initiative will provide 625,000 euros for the joint project between WZL, a leading production engineering institute and Industry 4.0 expert center, and MTM, a services provider focusing on the design of work processes. In consultation with the Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health as well as companies and employers, WZL and MTM will contribute to shaping the increasingly digital world of work.

A Boost for Catalysis Research

Continued support for the CAT Catalytic Center: Materials manufacturer Covestro and RWTH Aachen Uniersity are extending their collaboration in catalysis research. Covestro's Chief Innovation Officer, Dr. Markus Steilemann, and RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg recently signed an agreement to this effect. Under the agreement, Covestro will contribute a total of 12 million euros over the next seven years to fund the CAT Catalytic Center in Aachen, which is jointly operated by the two partners.

New issue of "RWTH THEMEN" Reports on Raw Materials and Recycling

The latest issues of the RWTH THEMEN magazine reports on research projects of the Aachen University, discussing topics such as mineral deposits, processing of raw materials, production, and waste managment. 17 contributions introduce research on the rehabilitation of mining areas, security aspects in mining, sensor-based sorting, recycling of electronics waste, and cherry stones as energy carrier.



University Sports Show 2017 – A Colorful Program of Sports!

On February 7, 2017, the RWTH Sports Center, HSZ for short, will be holding its annual University Sports Show. The program of events starts at 6:30pm. An evening full of highlights from university sports awaits the guests. Visitors can look forward to a colorful program, in which numerous HSZ sports groups will demonstrate their abilities in impressive performances, thus providing a glance at the extraordinary spectrum of Aachen University Sports.



February 1, 2017 Integrative Medicine Event Series
Professor Christian Martin, RWTH Aachen; 19 Uhr, Medizinisch-Theoretisches Institut, Wendlingweg 2
February 8, 2017

From Folders to Smart Insurances: Informatics Challenges in the Insurance Sector
Dipl.-Inform. Christoph Schmallenbach, Vorstandsvorsitzender AachenMünchener; 18 Uhr, Generali-Saal, SuperC

February 9, 2017

Integrative Medicine Event Series: The Fine Line Between Health and Disease
apl. Professor Wulf Kellerwessel, RWTH Aachen; 19 Uhr, Medizinisch-Theoretisches Institut, Wendlingweg 2

February 9, 2017

Lecture: Motorizing the Masses – History and Consequences
Dr. Bernd Kreuzer, Lehr- und Forschungsgebiet Wirtschafts-, Sozial- und Technologiegeschichte; 18 Uhr, Centre Charlemagne, Katschhof 1

February 20, 2017

Blood Drive, Couvenhalle

This is just a selection of events taking place at RWTH. Further events are listed at RWTH Aachen, the City of Aachen, and Aachen Congress.


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