February 2017, Issue 170


Alumni News

RWTH Alumni Social in Munich

Due to the great reception of our first social in July 2016, we have now organized another meeting for RWTH alumni – this time without added company tour – in and around Munich. This next social is held on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, at 7pm at the Parkcafé, Sophienstr. 7, 80333 Munich. We are looking forward to a great evening with many attendees. Please register online by March 20, 2017.


Alumni Spotlight

RWTH Aachen bestows its Teaching Award

With its RWTH Teaching Award the University honors exceptional achievements in teaching. Single individuals or innovative projects particuarly committed to good teaching practices receive an award as well as prize money.

The Teaching Award in the category "Teachers," including the prize money of 6,000 euros, was bestowed on Dr. Viktoria Arling from the research area Psychology at the Institute of Psychology. In 2015, she had already been awarded the teaching award within her own faculty and that same year was bestowed the official title of RWTH lecturer.

The Teaching Award in the category "Project," including the prize money of 12,000 euros, goes to "Virtual Sketching." The project was started by an interdisciplinary collaboration of the chair of Pictorial Design and the Virtual Reality Group

DAAD Award for RWTH Student from Cameroon

Gaelle Stephanie Telong Zemaho was awarded the 2016 DAAD Award for Outstanding Achievements and Extraordinary Volunteer Involvement of International Students.

The twenty-nine-year-old from Cameroon, who transferred to RWTH Aachen University from Berlin in 2013, is in the process of completing her Master's studies in industrial engineering. Among others, she is voluntarily advocating for her fellow countrymen by her involvement with the Association des Camerounais d'Aix-la-Chapelle.

RWTH Aachen Students Successful in Architectural Competition

Two RWTH Aachen students successfully participated in the "wa award" junior competition hosted by the professional journal "wettbewerbe aktuell."

Among the three winners of the competition is 26 year-old Maike Hunds. Konstantin Greune also made it into the final ten with his Master's thesis. The students' designs had been developed at the RWTH chair of Housing and Basics of Design and had been nominated for participation by Professor Wim van den Bergh.

Altogether 98 different student designs had been entered into the competition with the topic of "Living Together."


Continued Education & Career

Alumni Jobs Portal online

For a few weeks now, the Alumni Jobs Portal has been online. Here, companies are given the opportunity to publish job postings for vacant executive positions or for other experienced staff. At the same time, this platform is targeted specifically at our alumni, because RWTH Aachen graduates are always in great demand in the varied fields of research, business and industry, particularly those alumni with professional experience already under their belt. Here you can find exciting offers! If you, as a company, are interested in publishing a job posting, please contact Ms. or the .

International Academy education offers: Reduced fees for alumni network members

When signing up for a continuing education program with RWTH International Academy, you won't have to pay the regular fee, because it will be reduced due to your membership in the RWTH alumni network. When you sign up for courses of study, the fee will be reduced by 10 percent and for certificate courses and seminars the payment will be 15 percent less. Please use the RWTH Weiterbildungsplattform to register with your email address for any of the programs. Other special offers of RWTH International Academy cannot be combined with this alumni rebate.

New Continuing Education Program "RWTH Forschungsmanager/in" begins March 9, 2017 - Special Offer when signing up by March 5, 2017

The extra occupational continuing education program „RWTH Forschungsmanager/in“ offers you a broad spectrum of qualifications, which is at once research-relevant as well as containing management components. In altogether six modules you will learn to successfully use strategic management in research facilities, companies or at universities. This program is targeted at junior researchers who not only wish to be experts in their chosen field but also want to gain management and executive skills at the same time.

Seminar "Einführung in die Technologie des Aluminiums"

This seminar, giving an introduction into the technology of aluminum, is offered by RWTH Aachen in collaboration with the GDA – the German Aluminum Association – and the aec – the aluminum engineering center Aachen. From March 27 to 30, 2017, participants are allowed insights that run the gamut from the basics of metallurgy to singular steps in the manufacture and processing of aluminum products. Furthermore, attendees are given the opportunity to get to know the diverse RWTH Aachen Institutes involved in the processing of aluminum and see first hand their particular research activities. This continuing education offer takes place at RWTH Aachen and can be attended on 2, 3 or 4 days, depending on personal preference and availability. Further information and registration (de)

Continuing Education Offers at WZLforum (de)


Science & Business

RWTH Aachen Innovation Award Presented

The RWTH Innovation Award was just presented for the third time. The award recognizes projects that strongly contribute to the standing of the Aachen region as a hub of science and innovation. Professor Malte Brettel, Vice-Rector for Business and Industry, presented the award certificates to the winning teams during the RWTHtransparent event at the new C.A.R.L. lecture hall building.

With their project titled “4D Textile – Additive Manufacturing of Hybrid Materials for Shape Shifting Applications,” team members Dr. Valentine Gesché, David Schmelzeisen, and Kristina Simonis from the Institute of Textile Technology came in first place. The n-voy project by researchers Moritz Cramer, Philipp Goergens, Dr. Simon Koopmann, and Fabian Potratz took second place. The third-place winners were Dr. Rebecca Engel and Dr. Marcus Rose from the Institute of Institute of Technichal und Macromolecular Chemistry, headed by Professor Regina Palkovits with their innovation titled “IsohexAmin,” a technology for the production of biomass-based amines.

Support with Digital Processes

The fourth Industrial Revolution – also known as Industry 4.0 – marks a new stage in the organization and control of the entire value chain along the life cycle of products. It is driven by the availability of all relevant information through the interconnection of all entities involved in the value-adding process.

The Institute of Textile Technology at RWTH Aachen is among the pioneers in turning the vision of “Industry 4.0” into reality in the textile sector. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBF has now developed a funding instrument which is to support small and medium enterprises in adapting to novel digital processes and developing new digital products. The SMEs gain access to pilot facilities and demonstrator factories in accredited Industry 4.0 testing environments. Due to its comprehensive machine park and extensive experience, the ITA has now been accredited as an official Industry 4.0 testing environment. This makes it possible for textile companies and enterprises from other sectors to test and try their new 4.0 products and services at ITA facilities

RWTH Aachen and University of Alberta Formalize Partnership

It was the first step towards a fully-fledged strategic partnership: researchers from the University of Alberta, Canada, and RWTH Aachen agreed on joint research activities in the fields of medical engineering, biofuels, and energy supply. The Asssociate Vice-President of the University of Alberta, Britta Baron, and RWTH Rector Ernst Schmachtenberg signed a memorandum of understanding between the universities, further developing on collaborations that had been established already between different institutes and departments of the two universities in the past.



March 7 to 8, 2017

17th Drive Train Technology Conference

March 10, 2017 Donate Blood at Couvenhalle
March 22, 2017

RWTH Alumni Social in Munich

March 22 to 24, 2017

50th Essen Workshop for Water and Waste Management

March 29 to 30, 2017

Advanced Battery Power Conference Kraftwerk Batterie

March 30, 2017

Music Lab: Formen und Farben

This is just a small selection of events. Further events in March as well as in the subsequent months can be found on the webpages of RWTH Aachen, of the city of Aachen (de) and at Aachen Congress (de).


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