April 2017, Issue 172


Alumni News

"Pacific Garbage Screening" – Fight Against Plastic Garbage in the Ocean

350 tons of plastic garbage – per day! – land in our world's oceans and imperil the entire ecosystem on our planet. While completing her Master's thesis in architecture, Marcella Hansch developed an idea that could reduce plastic garbage in our oceans. The foundation of the Pacific Garbage Screening project is a platform, anchored within the ocean garbage patch, which collects plastic particles from the oceans and then utilizes them as a source of raw material. Marcella Hansch was awarded with the ecodesign federal award last October for her vision. During her lecture on Tuesday, May 2, 6:30pm, in the Ford Hall, SuperC, she wants to draw attention to the project and its aims.

Running I: Registration for Lousberglauf 2017!

The Lousberglauf is once again being held, this year on Wednesday, July 5. The race begins at 7pm. As in previous years the Alumni Team is once against offering all its graduates the opportunity to participate.

Interested alumni can already register via until June 2, 2017. Please include your best personal time for the Lousberg route.

Two important notes:

Registrations received after the deadline cannot be accepted for organizational purposes.

By registering every participant confirms that he is fit to participate. The University Sports Center will not complete a medical check-up! We recommend that all participants actively train for the race.

Running II: Premier RWTH Campus-Lauf

The HSZ is kicking off a second race this year. The 1st RWTH Campuslauf will be held on June 2, 2017. In addition to 4.6km and 9km races, there will also be a relay with 4 x 2.3km. The route takes runners around Campus Melaten. The prizes include a special prize for the team with the most participants. Interested alumni can register till May 31, for the RWTH Alumni team.

Annual Exhibition and Alumni Homecoming at the Faculty of Architecture

The RWTH Aachen Faculty of Architecture's annual exhibition this year is May 4 to 6. The annual event at the Reiff Museum presents Bachelor and Master's students' work and research results from the previous year. Open studios, the Best of Masters exhibit, the special exhibit on speed in pictures and the expert panel the first day invite participants to discuss and share ideas. An additional highlight of the program is the homecoming for all of the faculty's alumni on Saturday. The alumni day will include a series of brief presentations by Reiff alumni starting at 4pm. Attendees will have the opportunity to meet old and new faces over refreshments following the event.

RWTH Alumni Meeting in Berlin

As part of the "Lange Nacht der Industries" we invite our RWTH alumni in Berlin to attend a get together. Regardless whether you are participating in one of the tours on May 10 (for which registration is already closed), you are welcome to meet new faces, discuss, and chat with other alumni. A table has been reserved for 6pm on Thursday, May 11, 2017, at Schwarzes Café, Kantstraße 148, 10623 Berlin. We look forward to your registration. Please register by May 4, 2017.

RWTH Alumni Get Together in Karlsruhe

We warmly invite you to attend the first RWTH alumni get together in Karlsruhe on May 10, 2017. Dietrich Hunold from the Alumni Team will be there starting at 7:30pm to welcome you. The exact meeting point will be announced soon. You are welcome to register online. We are happy to answer any questions via .

#Jodel – made in Aachen

Alessio Avellan Borgmeyer invented the app that was launched in Aachen two years ago. The 26-year-old studied industrial engineering at RWTH from 2010 to 2013 and now lives in Berlin. He is visiting Aachen to give a lecture on May 30 at 4pm in the new C.A.R.L. lecture hall complex. Niklas Henckell and Alexander Linewitsch – also from RWTH – joined the team shortly after its creation. Jodel has enjoyed success since then. Difficulties and personal experiences will be discussed as well as the new type of communication happening via Jodel. The event was organized by the computer science student representative council and REGINA e. V., RIA/Gesellschaft für Informatik and is free of charge. Registration is not required.


Alumni Spotlight

RWTH Professor Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Aalborg University

Professor Joost-Pieter Katoen was awarded an honorary doctorate from Aalborg University in Denmark in recognition of his outstanding achievements in computer science, in particular in the fields of software modeling and computer-aided verification. Katoen is Chair of Computer Science 2 at RWTH Aachen and a member of the “Formal Methods and Tools” research group at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. His research ranges from theoretical and algorithmic performance to software development in industry, particularly in aerospace engineering.

Hemmerle Professorship for Hans-Dieter Mutschler During 2017 Summer Semester

Since 2008, the Institute of Theology at RWTH Aachen University has appointed a high-profile scholar to the renowned Hemmerle Visiting Professorship, named after for Aachen bishop Klaus Hemmerle. The professorship is concerned with interdisciplinary and interdepartmental questions and interdisciplinary dialog. In the upcoming summer semester, this year’s Hemmerle Visiting Professor, Hans-Dieter Mutschler, will give a series of lectures surrounding consciousness research and the philosophy of technology. The series is titled "Are Humans Computers? On the Relationship Between Dignity and Manipulation." It will discuss the societal changes brought about by technological progress within the last 150 years and how best to use technology.


Continued Education & Career

RWTH Alumni Job Portal Online

Companies have the opportunity to post job openings for management positions or employees with experience on our "Stellenportal RWTH Alumni." This platform is also specifically oriented towards alumni, as RWTH graduates, particularly those with experience, are greatly sought after in science, business, and industry. You can find interesting offers here. If you would like to publish a job posting, please contact or .

International Academy Offers: Reduced Participation Fees for Members of the RWTH Alumni Network

As a member of the RWTH Alumni Network you receive a discount for continuing education courses at RWTH International Academy. When booking a course of study, you receive a 10 percent discount, and for certificate courses and seminars at 15 percent discount. You can book your course with the discount by using your RWTH email address on the RWTH Weiterbildungsplattform. This discount cannot be combined with other offers from RWTH International Academy.

Executive MBA RWTH Aachen – Management in Technology Companies

The Executive MBA Program at RWTH Aachen offers business administrative skills for engineers, scientists, and other experts, who are taking up management challenges in their company. Particular value is placed on the combination of technology and management. The program is extraoccupational. Its strong focus on practical orientation and current content allows students to directly implement what they have learned. The modular curriculum allows the program to be individually adapated to students' and companies' needs.

Innovation Controlling Certificate Course – Continuing Education for Technical Experts and Managers in Controlling and Innovation Management

Innovation Controlling can model chances, risks, and the potential for success along the entire innovation process. Continuing education at RWTH Aachen offers you a look at processes and methods, which are used to then strategically implement financial resources in the innovation process and to minimize the development risk. Innovations' potential for success is considered holistically and made operational. The course will be held September 25 to 29, 2017, at RWTH Aachen under the direction of Professor Peter Letmathe, Chair of Controlling.

"RWTH Research Manager" - Extraoccupational Continuing Education at the RWTH Business School

The extraoccupational continuing education program "RWTH Research Manager" teaches you a broad spectrum of qualifying skills, including both research-related and management components. Over a total of six modules you will learn to successfully apply strategic management at research institutions, companies, or universities. You will gain an overview of the instruments and players in research funding, strategies in human resources management, external funding project controlling, methods of quality management and technology transfer, and the success factors of research marketing and strategic partner acquisition. Participation is open to junior researchers, who not only want to be experts in their field but increasingly want to acquire skills in management and leadership.

19th Karrieretag Familienunternehmen – Apply Now

The next Karrieretag Familienunternehmen will be held on June 30, 2017, at Bürkert Fluid Control Systems in Ingelfingen. Under the patronage of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy pre-selected experts and managers will meet the owners and top decision makers of leading family companies such as Hilti, Kärcher, or Würth. RWTH alumni and students about to graduate receive a wild card, meaning they do not have to go through the official application process, but rather are directly admitted. Make sure to include the keywords Wildcard RWTH Aachen in the application form under "Wie haben Sie von der Veranstaltung erfahren?.“ The application deadline is May 15, 2017.

Continuing education offers from WZLforum


Science & Business

New Ways of Treating Breast Cancer

A RWTH Aachen University biotech spin off company wants to develop a drug to be administered early on during treatment of carcinoma of the breast. Qithera is the name of the company that professor Edgar Dahl and Michael Rose, MD, from the Institute of Pathology at RWTH Aachen University have founded. Shareholders, besides RWTH Aachen and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, IHK, are furthermore other renowned individuals from the world of biotechnology. For instance, Jürgen Schumacher, a co-founder of the globally successful diagnostics company Qiagen, which also started out at a university some thirty years ago.

RWTH Aachen Submits Draft Proposals in the "Excellence Strategy" Competition

On April 3, RWTH Aachen University submitted its draft proposals for Clusters of Excellence within the “Excellence Strategy of the Federal and State Governments” to the German Research Foundation DFG. The Excellence Strategy is a national competition to strengthen cutting-edge university research in Germany. By the end of September, the German Research Foundation will announce which universities will be invited to submit full proposals for their Clusters of Excellence. RWTH Aachen is confident in its ability to succeed in the upcoming competition and is looking forward to continuing on its successful path.

Quantum Research Receives One Billion Euros in Funding

Quantum science is rapidly evolving towards greater technology maturity throughout the world. To remain at the forefront of this exciting field, collaborations are crucial. On April 20, 2017, the QuTech institute in Delft as well as Forschungszentrum Jülich and RWTH Aachen University, both partners of the Jülich Aachen Research Alliance (JARA), have intensified their collaboration through an official agreement. The partners aim to enhance scientific and technical developments in the field of solid-state quantum computing.

New Program Strengthens RWTH Network the University of California

Since 2013 RWTH Aachen has been working in the field of catalysis and nuclear magnetic resonance in the Aachen-California Network, ACalNet, with the three University of California schools in Berkeley, Santa Barbara, and Los Angeles. Forschungszentrum Jülich, the CAT-Catalytic Center in Aachen, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the Schlumberger-Doll Research Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts are also involved. The collaboration has recently been extended for two additional years until the end of 2018 and is experiencing an upswing thanks to a three-year grant by the American National Science Foundation through the IRES program.



May 2, 2017

Lecture "Pacific Garbage Screening – Cleaning Up the Oceans“

May 2, 2017 Lecture "At the Focus: Are Humans Computers? On the Relationship Between Dignity and Manipulation“, Lectures within the Hemmerle professorship
May 3, 2017

Lecture "Nature & Nurture – How Genes and the Environment Shape the Brain

May 4 to 6, 2017

Annual Exhibition and Homecoming of the Faculty of Architecture

May 10, 2017

RWTH Alumni Get Together in Karlsruhe

May 11, 2017

RWTH Alumni Get Together in Berlin

May 15, 2017 RWTH Alumni Get Together in Munich at TÜV SÜD
May 18 to 19, 2017 29th AWK – Aachener Werkzeugmaschinen-Kolloquium
May 30, 2017

#Jodel – made in Aachen

This is just a small selection of events. Further events in May as well as in the subsequent months can be found on the webpages of RWTH Aachen, of the city of Aachen (de) and at Aachen Congress (de).


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