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  Two men at an alumni event © Martin Lux

The many events and activities with RWTH Alumni and the university are also captured in photos. The various photo galleries offer an overview of the diverse event program.

Photo Galleries
Doctoral Jubilee 2023, Photos: Kurt Beyer
Doctoral Jubilee 2022, Photos: Kurt Beyer
Doctoral Jubilee 2019, Photos: Kurt Beyer
Doctoral Jubilee 2016, Photos: Kurt Beyer
RWTH Alumni Meeting in San Francisco 2016, Photos: RWTH Alumni
Doctoral Jubilee 2015, Fotos: Stefan Keller and Sabine Schmidt
Rector's Cup 2015
Lousberglauf 2015, Photos: Martin Lux
Nepal Guest Lecture, Photos: Martin Lux
RWTH Aachen Alumni Get Together in Munich
RWTH Alumni Get Together in Beijing, Photos: Zhao Pengpeng
RWTH Alumni Reception at the German Ambassador's Residence in Tokyo, Photos: Georg Löer
Golden and Silver Doctoral Jubilee 2014, Photos: Kurt Beyer
Lousberglauf 2014, Photos: Martin Lux
RWTH Golf Tournament "2014 Rector’s Cup", Photos: Stefan Hense
Greek-Turkish alumni get together 2014, Photos: Martin Lux
German Aerospace Center Cologne-Porz, Photos: Reena James
Doctoral Jubilee 2013, Photos: Martin Lux
RWTH-Alumni-Weiterbildung "Global Challenge: Mining and the Environment" vom 20. bis 30. Juni 2017, gefördert vom DAAD
Founding Ceremony at the German Embassy, Tokyo, October 21, 2017
RWTH Research Alumni Conference on October 21, 2017
Rector's Cup 2013, Photos: Stefan Hense
Lousberglauf 2013, Photos: Martin Lux
Tour of DEUTZ Technical Center 2013, Photos: Reena James
Alumni Meeting in Washington 2013, Photos: Andrea Noske
Doctoral Jubilee 2012, Photos: Martin Lux
Geological Hike 2012, Photos: Ralph Delzepich
Aachen North Fire Station 2012, Photos: Dietrich Hunold
Lousberglauf 2011, Photos: Martin Lux
Doctoral Jubilee 2011, Photos: Martin Lux
Rector's Cup 2011, Photos: Martin Lux
Observatory 2011, Photos: Dietrich Hunold
Munich Alumni Get-together 2011, Photos: Eva Beldiman
Lousberglauf 2010, Photos: Martin Lux
Frankfurt Alumni Meeting 2010, Photos: Celina Begolli
keep in touch Jubilee 2010, Photos: Martin Lux, Dominik Bohnenkamp, Wisam Zureik
CHIO Reception 2010, Photos: Dietrich Hunold
Rector's Cup 2010, Photos: Martin Lux
Essen Alumni Get-together 2010, Photos: Ralph Delzepich
Doctoral Jubilee 2010, Photos: Martin Lux
Munich Alumni Get-together 2010, Photos: Eva Beldiman
Thessalonica Alumni Get-together 2010, Photos: Toni Wimmer, Dietrich Hunold
Berlin Alumni Get-together 2010, Photos: Celina Begolli
Hamburg Alumni Get-together 2010, Photos: Celina Begolli