Short Profile Dr. Manuj Yadav

Name Dr. Manuj Yadav
Email Address
Countries of Origin Australia, India
Current University/Research Institution RWTH Aachen University
Key Research Area Acoustics
Where did you gain your doctorate? The University of Sydney, Australia
When were you at RWTH, and what did you do during your stay? I am still at RWTH. Have been here since late 2019 first as a postdoc on an existing project. Since 2023 I have my own funding from DFG.
Publications Google Scholar
How did you experience coming to Germany and to RWTH
(e.g. formalities etc., cultural differences, different science system, etc.)?
Many aspects are involved. Some good, some bad. I am still coming to terms with some aspects. Overall, I may have many experiences that are relevant for someone looking to either go overseas for research, come to Germany, or be involved in international projects in general.
Did you face any particular challenges in your professional career so far
(e.g. concerning work-life balance (dual career, care
responsibilities) or in the area of career development (decision in favor/against a scientific career/career in industry, etc.)?
  • The somewhat top-heavy academic system in Germany, with limited career progression for experienced postdocs, and ambiguous rules regarding attribution of intellectual property.
  • Learning German
  • Etc.