Bright Minds – Our Research Alumni


Our Research Alumni are international scholars and scientists who have conducted advanced long-term research projects or completed a research stay at RWTH Aachen University and continued their research career abroad.


Some of them have spent their post-graduate years at RWTH Aachen University, some have  worked here as post-docs or junior researchers, other have gotten to know RWTH Aachen University as senior guest researchers and visiting professors.

Here they tell us about their experiences, memories and impressions of their time at RWTH Aachen University and what still connects them with RWTH Aachen today.


baliga.jpgMartin Lux

Baliga, Jayant, 2013, Power Electronics
Portrait Banani-Subinoy_klein für Übersicht.jpg

Chakraborty Banani & Das, Subinoy, 2013, Physics und Chemistry
dahl.jpgDarren Dahl

Dahl, Darren, 2011, Marketing Research

Ghosh, Amithaba, between 1977 and 2012, Mechanical Engineering
Kakhiani.jpgTimo Merki

Kakhiani, Kathuna, 2012 and 2013, Chemistry
Kamar.jpgMartin Lux

Kamar, Laila, 2011, Ship Building Engineering
Kuhn.jpgThilo Vogel

Kuhn, Cynthia, 2012, Neurology

Malmivuo, Jaakko, 2014, Bioelectronics
Osswald.jpg© University of Wisconsin-Madison University Communications

Osswald, Tim A., 1987-1989, Plastics Technology
Pauly.jpgRWTH Aachen Alumni

Pauly, Markus, 2014, Plant- & Microbial Biology
Suwanpinij.jpgRWTH Aachen Alumni

Suwanpinij, Piyada, 2006, Metallurgical Engineering
wozczyk.jpgRWTH Aachen Alumni

Woszczyk, Wieslaw, 2014, Technical Accoustics
Madzvamuse.jpgAnotida Madzvamuse

Madzvamuse, Anotida, 2013, Mathematics

Ravindran, Renuka, 1971-1973, Engineering Sciences
Shinn-Cunningham.jpgJanina Fels

Shinn-Cunningham, Barbara, 2011, Neurology

Small, Steven, 2014, Neurology
Yoo.jpgWisam Zureik

Yoo, Han-Ill, 2012, Materials Science
Jeschke-1427-04_Quadrat.jpgPeter Winandy

Jeschke, Sabina, 2014 Hong Kong, Mechanical Engineering

Baatar Battsengel, 1999-2002, Chemistry
Alexander Moreira-Almeida_Portrait.jpg

Moreira-Almeida, Alexander, 2013, Psychiatry
Stéphanie Portet.jpgUniversity of Manitoba

Portet, Stephanie, 2014, Mathematics
Zhenning Cai_klein.jpgprivat

Zhenning Cai, 2014-2016, Mathematics
Michael S Ellison_klein.jpgRWTH Aachen

Michael S. Ellison, 2015, Materials Science
180226_Foto Dawei Wang.jpgDawei Wang

Dawei Wang, 2017, Road Engineering
180205_Portrait Linda Hildebrand_klein.jpgIvo Mayr

Linda Hildebrand, 2017, Architecture
Bernd Hentschel.jpgRWTH Aachen

Bernd Hentschel, 2017, Computer Science