Min Li and Ke Wen


Min Li and Ke Wen are both in their third semester of the Master's degree program in automation engineering at RWTH. They were both helpers at the 2021 Graduation Celebration.

  Min Li and Ke Wen Copyright: © Min Li und Ke Wen

Especially during the pandemic, I found the connection between people very important. And the Graduation Celebration offered and offers precisely this opportunity – to make new connections. That was my main motivation to participate. (Ke Wen)

Ke Wen was involved in several areas: the 3G check, distributing the graduate bags, and positioning the graduates. Min Li had the task of positioning the graduates:

When I led the graduates into the arena, I was so excited – their joy was so contagious!

The atmosphere among the helpers both felt very special:

No matter what the other helpers were studying, no matter what languages they spoke or where they came from, we all came together for the event and helped each other as well. It felt like one big family.

And then both of them had these thoughts going through their heads:

I felt like all the graduates are heroines and heroes. They are exam survivors! (Min Li)

Seeing all the graduate students and their families, as well as all the helpers, reminded me that I am lucky I am not studying at a Zoom University! (Ke Wen)