Jessica Hill


Jessica Hill is an event manager at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at RWTH. She organizes all events that come up and, together with the PR and Strategy team, manages the social media channels and other PR measures. She has already been involved in the ceremonies of the past years as assistant director, artist supervisor, and standby.

  Jessica Hill Copyright: © Alexandra Levay

On the one hand, I simply enjoy events of all kinds because of my job. For another, I often meet our students at Orientation Week and maybe during their studies too. Graduation is the day that students work towards, the day that every graduate has more than earned. I get to be there at the grand ceremony, so to speak and help make the event memorable.

All of the tasks were really fun for Jessica:

And it is a great break from my daily work routine. There are also always special moments that give you goosebumps, for example during the cap-throwing.

Jessica Hill moved to Aachen four years ago and has been working at the University ever since:

After my first few months, I worked directly at the University as a helper. Back then, I had not really grasped how big RWTH is and had only met people from my immediate work environment. After the event, I got to know many great colleagues. I do not see or hear them every day, actually, not until the next event. But then you see each other on campus and say hi like old friends. RWTH then no longer feels quite so big and anonymous.

As a helper, a lot of happiness also spills over onto you:

Excited graduates and their proud families are all around you. I cannot count how many cellphone photos I took of happy families that day. And once you have seen the graduates enter the stadium and they cannot stop beaming, you will want to be there again and again. So will I. I can only recommend it to all my fellow students.