Questions and Answers About the Graduation Celebration

Who can participate?

Please note that successful completion of a degree at RWTH and pre-registration for the Graduation Celebration are mandatory prerequisites for you to receive further information about how to purchase tickets.

How can I participate in the Graduation Celebration?

In order to attend the Graduate Festival 2024, you will need (paid) tickets for yourself and your guests. All pre-registered and eligible graduates have received information about this from us by email.

Without tickets, access to the site and attendance of the Graduation Celebration is not possible.

When can I purchase tickets?

Starting in July 2024, you can purchase tickets online. All those eligible to attend – and have preregistered for – the event have received an email with further details, providing you with information on how to purchase tickets.

Where can I buy tickets?

If you are eligible and have pre-registered for the event, you will later receive a link that will take you directly to the ticket provider’s website. There you will be able to buy your tickets online.

Can I get a refund for the tickets I have purchased?

As of now, it is not possible to return tickets you have already purchased. Tickets are non-refundable.

What can I do if I am not eligible to participate?

Participation in the Graduation Celebration 2024 is generally intended for graduates of the eligible semesters (winter semester 2023/24 and summer semester 2024). If there are any remaining tickets, other graduating semesters are also cordially invited to participate in the Graduation Celebration 2024. You can register for the waiting list for any remaining tickets by clicking here. Please note that this is an expression of interest only and there is no entitlement to tickets or attendance. All graduates who are approved to purchase remaining tickets are expected to receive an email with all ticket purchase information from the end of August. Until then, we ask you to refrain from inquiries regarding the availability of tickets.

Can graduates bring more than three guests?

If there are any spots left by mid-August of 2024, all those who pre-registered and are eligible to participate will be informed via email on how to purchase them. A reservation by the Organization Team is not possible. Leftover tickets, however, seem unlikely at this time, given the great interest in the event.

We kindly ask you not to contact us any further in this regard.

Can I temporarily leave the grounds during the event?

Due to the admission situation, you have to stay on the grounds once you have entered. In emergencies, please speak to the security personnel at the respective gate.

Tickets will be validated upon entry to the grounds and it will not be possible to reenter with a ticket that has already been validated. The grounds can only be left and reentered in case of urgent emergencies. However, we would like to ask you not to make unnecessary use of this exception, as this could lead to congestion at entrances.
It is, of course, possible for your guests to leave their seats during the event, as long as they do not leave the stadium, as they have assigned seats.

Graduates are asked not to leave their seats during the event, if possible, so as not to cause unnecessary commotion inside the stadium.

Are children allowed to attend?

Children are, of course, allowed to attend the event. Reduced rates appy for children.

Children aged 2 to 14 pay 50 percent of the original ticket price and will receive a surprise at the RWTH info booth.

Admission is free for children under 1. However, they will not get their own seat. If you need childcare on the ALRV grounds during the official event, please contact the RWTH Family Service in due time.

Is there catering?

A selection of drinks and various cold and hot dishes can be purchased on the premises.

Visitors are not permitted to bring their own food.

Can I bring my own beverages onto the ALRV grounds?

No. Baby food is an exception, however.

What happens if there is bad weather?

The Graduation Celebration will still take place if it rains. The event will only be cancelled or discontinued if there is a storm. The seats in the stands are covered, but the gradutes' seats are not. If rain is foreseeable we will offer graduates rain ponchos. However we are hoping it will be a beautiful and sunny day!

Is there a dress code?

During the official program graduates will wear black graduation caps and sashes, which they are receiving from RWTH as a memorabilia gift.

The event should have a celebratory air to it, and graduates are purposefully placed in the middle of stadium to be "put on show." In this respect, we ask that you wear appropriate clothing. However, please be mindful when choosing your shoes, since graduates will be standing on a sandy area before they march into the stadium. There are sandy and gravel surfaces throughout the dressage stadium.

Are bags and backpacks allowed on the grounds?

Small bags are allowed on the grounds. Security will be checking all bags at the entrance. Larger bags, backpacks, and suitcases are not permitted.

Is there a lost and found for items left behind on the day of the event?

If you are missing any of your valuables and think you may have lost them during the Graduation Celebration, please contact our staff at the information booth on site or get in touch with us via .