Cheers to Us!


Why We Have the Graduation Celebration

RWTH graduates throwing their caps in the air Copyright: © Andreas Schmitter

Ultimately, the event is all about the many happy people, the shining faces looking up at the Aachen sky following the direction of their caps. This is the actual dramatic climax of the Graduation Celebration and the atmosphere in the Dressage Stadium of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein at its peak.


10, 9, 8, 7, 6... everyone is counting down... then thousands of caps are thrown up into the air in joy, gratitude, relief, and so much more. At no other point during the approximately 90-minute event will you hear cameras clicking so much. Because it is such a wonderful moment: cheers to us! Because relatives, friends, and family members are proud of their daughters, sons, granddaughters, grandsons, or partners. Because they get carried away by this unique atmosphere too.

A degree or a doctorate has been successfully completed. Now it is time to go out into the big wide world, which is easily accessible to you with your RWTH degree. Forgotten at this moment are the countless hours spent at desks, in lecture halls, sitting exams, as well as the nervousness before them. Forgotten are the many doubts, the uncertainty: Will this all lead to a good end?

Yes, it already has. All those sitting inside the Dressage Stadium have made it. With a great will, diligence, perseverance, self-discipline, visions, joy, tears, bravura, and distinction. Of course, this is exactly what needs to be celebrated, and on a grand scale, as RWTH Rector Ulrich Rüdiger emphasizes:

"We provide this setting for a great graduation party. We help to celebrate an unforgettable day in the presence of the most important people, to create a strong and lifelong, beautiful memory of studying or earning a doctorate at RWTH," says Professor Ulrich Rüdiger.

"We also see it as an opportunity to express our gratitude to our graduates for their trust in our teaching and research. We have walked a good part of life's journey together. This must be honored with a worthy celebration. Since 2014, we have experienced an overwhelmingly large response to the Graduation Celebration, with around 5,000 participants each year," the RWTH Rector is happy to report.

The annual event is thus also an organizational masterstroke for the University. It is the largest celebration that the university organizes and it has one goal above all: The many shining faces looking up into the Aachen sky at the end.