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In the event series “Female Managers Talk About Their Career Paths,” you can meet experienced women professionals from industry and academia who are happy to talk to us about their personal experiences during their university studies and professional lives. After a brief overview of their careers, these role models will speak about their strategies for success and reveal how they deal with challenges. Later, there will also be an opportunity to talk to the role models and the other participants in a more relaxed, informal atmosphere.

This series of events is organized by the Career Center in collaboration with the Integration Team - Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD for short, and the Alumni Team.




We would like to thank the following women, among others, for giving us such exciting and inspiring insights into their careers:

  • Henrietta Körling; Amazon
  • Sylvia Reichardt; Amazon
  • Franka Schröder; Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 Team
  • Rana Ilgaz; Transport for London
  • Cathrin Wesch-Potente; Phönix Contact
  • Elisabeth Clausen; RWTH Aachen, Advanced Mining Technologies
  • Birgit Engler; Porsche Consulting
  • Alexandra Rietenbach; Porsche Consulting
  • Christina Reuter; Airbus Defence & Space GmbH
  • Emma Persoon; Accenture Strategy
  • Laura Rheinbay; Accenture Strategy
  • Svenja Caspers; Forschungszentrum Jülich
  • Marijana Krsteva-Topaloska; Ericsson
  • Ibtissam El Khayat; Ericsson
  • Melanie Wagenfort; Fashiontech Startups Brajuu
  • Violett Zeller; Viega GmbH & Co. KG
  • Silke Schelkmann; PwC Germany

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