Career Fairs Specifically for Women


At our Digital Career Days for Women, you can meet potential employers online who are specifically looking for female students and graduates. Meet with company representatives one-on-one and talk about entry-level opportunities, internships, or thesis projects.

To kick off the event, up to eight companies will briefly introduce themselves in company pitches. As a participant, you will already be able to ask your first questions via the chat function at this time. Afterward, you can connect with the individual companies in smaller groups in Q&A sessions and talk to the representatives directly via video chat or correspond with them by writing in the chat window. You can switch independently between the different sessions to look at several companies and ask them your questions.

These Career Days are our successor program for the Future day for female students and doctoral candidates, a format that was developed in cooperation with the Equal Opportunities Office and which has connected students and exciting companies for more than six years now.


Anja Robert

Koordination Career Center, Unternehmenskooperation,Beratung