Job Shadowing for Companies

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Job shadowing enables companies to get to know RWTH Aachen students and to obtain them for the company. Students can occupy themselves with the professional reality, despite their study schedule, and get a practically relevant look at the company.



Anja Robert

Career Center Coordinator


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During a job shadowing, a student accompanies someone for a day in their normal professional life. The student does not work together with the person, like in an internship, but rather accompanies and observes the person while they work.

What Can Companies Expect from The Program?

The job shadowing program offers companies the opportunity to get to know RWTH Aachen students and present themselves as a company. 36000 young people currently study at RWTH Aachen, 78 percent of which are enrolled in natural science and engineering subjects. An RWTH Aachen education is internationally renowned for its alumni having an outstanding basic knowledge that they can apply. Project work, as well as learning and working in an international team is taken for granted by our students.

This sample day can be a start to a future work relationship. Follow up offers such as internships or final projects can be arranged if both sides like each other.

Job shadowing should not only give students a glance at professional life, but also offer copmanies an opportunity to get a look at students from RWTH Aachen.

For What Companies Does Job Shadowing Lend Itself?

Generally the program is suitable for every company, that wishes to obtain RWTH Aachen alumni for itself. Within the framework of the job shadowing program, a company commits itself to hosting observing students for a year. The program is oriented towards all RWTH Aache students, so you should expect applications not only from future engineerings, but also from students in the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, for example from technical communication or industrial education. Additionally, before involvement in the program, you should remember that numerous student can apply.

How Does The Program Work?

RWTH Aachen offers the platform for job shadowing. All companies involved in the program are presented on the job shadowing web pages. The foundation for the presentation is a uniform questionnaire. RWTH Aachen advertises the program among students. Students may directly contact the company and apply there.

What Is Expected from The Company?

Involvement in the program requires a contractual binding of the company to RWTH Aachen. In the contract, the copmany commits itself to dealings with student data in line with data protection, naming a contact for student applications, and involvement for twelve months. Involvement in or assumption of the students' travel costs is desired but not a requirement.

Furthermore we require that the company has true interest in RWTH Aachen graduates and thus will unconditionally review all applications received. Companies may not use the job shadowing program as a pure recruiting instrument, but rather should be interested in helping young people get to know the work world

We charge 1000 Euros for RWTH Aachen's services for a contract period of twelve months. Other existing cooperations with RWTH Aachen will be taken into consideration when calculating the price.