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Our Pitchbox, with its short clips and video messages from various companies, offers students and graduates an excellent opportunity to find potential employers offering appealing entry-level opportunities.

We will update this page regularly and constantly add new clips, so it will be worth checking back here often.

The respective companies themselves are responsible for the content of the clips shown here.



Welcome to Miele Germany

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How does a family-owned company become a global market leader in the premium segment for household appliances and a sought-after partner for solutions in commercial and medical technology?

By having the ambition to always do better and to always get better.

This attitude is what makes working at Miele and the success of our products so special.

We have approximately 22,000 employees who can rely on the fact that anyone who lives our commitment to quality will grow with us, both personally and professionally.

Here's our Jobfinder.



Most everyone writes history with a pen. You, however, can do so with a connector...

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Because integrated industry needs team spirit

What else is HARTING about?

Please get in touch and find out more!

HARTING Stiftung & Co. KG
Junior Professional HR Marketing

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Whö is umlaut? – Pitch 2022

umlaut, part of Accenture, is a global, full-service, cross-industry, end-to-end company that offers advisory and engineering services to clients all over the world. In-depth domain expertise, broad practical knowledge and interdisciplinary collaboration allow them to add value, quality and focus to their clients’ organisations, services and products, in disruptive times in which industries are increasingly converging.

Within an able and agile collective of 20 consultancies and engineering firms spread across 50 locations all over the world, 5,000 specialised experts and engineers provide innovative solutions and transformations across all industries and their various intersections as well as serving the public sector and developing organisational cultures, structures and processes.

For more information visit us at: umlaut.com


AVM – Connect in a New Way!

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AVM is Europe's leading manufacturer of digital home devices, including the popular FRITZ!Box.

Do you want to be involved in pioneering technologies and bring high-tech into the everyday lives of millions of people? Take a look at our career website now and find out more about us. We're looking forward to meeting you!


AIXTRON - Our technology. Your future.

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AIXTRON is right at the start of the innovation chain in the global semiconductor and consumer electronics industries. The largest manufacturers in the semiconductor industry are our direct customers. In the race for innovation, our most creative minds work together with customers to create new technologies and jointly shape the future.

For more information visit us at: www.aixtron.com