Job Shadowing

  two Job Shadows of RWTH Aachen University © Thilo Vogel  

What is it?

During job shadowing one person observes another at work in order to get to know the respective profession. Job shadowing lasts a day. In contrast to an internship, the observer does not work, but rather watches others while they work.


Who is it for?

The program is targeted towards all RWTH Aachen students. The program should help students to get information about career prospects early on, establish contacts, speak with other people about their professions and career paths, and to develop a realistic picture for their own future. This makes it easier to plan the next necessary steps, for example for internships, stays abroad, or work as a student assistant. This early orientation also helps to lay the right path for a specialization during studies.

RWTH Aachen graduates or interested companies can volunteer to be advisors for a job shadow.

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