Finding Companies

  Women standing at a table at an info fair Copyright: © Heike Lachmann

Many companies target RWTH graduates when looking for highly qualified employees. The Career Center offers numerous opportunities to establish contact with these companies during your studies.


Matching Platform

This tool can be used to find suitable companies that are looking for graduates from RWTH.


The Career Center offers numerous opportunities for students to find suitable companies for future employment while still pursuing their studies at RWTH.

Check out the short video clips about different selected companies in our Pitchbox.

We also have an extensive jobs database with numerous job postings explicitly aimed at students and graduates of RWTH.

Another way to identify exciting potential employers is to browse company profiles. Here, you can find strong corporate partners of RWTH and companies that present themselves at the bonding fair in Aachen every year.

The Career Center also offers numerous career events where students and graduates can meet companies and come into contact with them directly. These events generally take place online.

Join us for our Digital Career Days, which we hold on various focus topics, to meet great new and familiar companies.


What Companies Appreciate About RWTH Students