Female Careers

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The Career Center is committed to supporting all RWTH students in achieving a successful start to their careers – setting them on a path that is aligned with their interests and inclinations and positions them successfully in professional life in the long term. Equal opportunities are an important concern for us, and that is why we have created a program aimed specifically at women students and graduates: the Female Careers program.


As part of Female Careers, we have examined the success factors and obstacles to women’s career paths and developed events and seminars specifically tailored to women students. These events generally take place online.

Here, we offer them the opportunity to connect and network with female peers and role models. Women students at RWTH  should be encouraged to believe in their talents, courageously define their personal career goals, then pursue them with determination and make an impact.

At RWTH Aachen University, we honor gender and sexual diversity and understand individuals to be defined by more than just their biological gender. Our offers for women are open to anyone who identifies as female.


Seminars for Women Students and Graduates

We offer numerous seminars and workshops for female students and graduates; these serve to support them in their career orientation and prepare them specifically for starting a career.


Female Role Models

In our event series  Female Managers Talk About Their Career Paths, the Career Center, in close cooperation with the Integration Team - Gender and Diversity Management, IGaD for short, and the Alumni Team, brings female students and doctoral candidates together with women who are experienced professionals. These role models give first-hand accounts of their personal experiences navigating their particular career paths.


Career Fairs Specifically for Women

At our Digital Career Days for Women, you can meet potential employers online who are specifically looking for female students and graduates.


Femtec Career Building Programs

The English-language Femtec Career Building Program offers dedicated female STEM students the opportunity to focus on personal development while studying. Behind this program is a strong network that includes RWTH Aachen University and other leading technical universities (for example, ETH Zurich, TU Munich, KIT Karlsruhe) as well as well-known companies and research institutions (for example, ABB, Telekom, Fraunhofer, Porsche, BCG).


Women of RWTH LinkedIn Group

"Women of RWTH” is an information and contact network for all the women of the RWTH community who care about Female Empowerment and Career Issues.