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Career Center Team

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The Career Center publicizes job openings for companies in four locations at RWTH.

In the Audimax you can find job postings for jobs during your studies, internships, competitions and recruiting and jobs for graduates. The job postings are published in the show cases on the ground floor and second floor.

The Career Center is also in charge of a pillar in the Audimax, where you can find all of the most interesting job postings from all four categories.

Aditionally to the displays in the Audimax you can find a big show case in the C.A.R.L. (Central Auditorium for Research and Learning) in the lower area of the entrance hall

There are some job ads on the boards that you can also find on our website. However, a large number of the positions are advertised exclusively on the boards.

As you can see – it is worth it to check out both the virtual and "real" posting board!