Career Advising for Researchers at RWTH Aachen University

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In every phase of one's academic path it is important to consider the development of one's career in general. In addition to the targeted career advising and mentoring supplied by first line supervisors in a given field, the RWTH Aachen Division of Early-Career Researcher Development and Talent Management – 12.1 offers researchers the opportunity to participate in an individually tailored orientation session to further support them in their personal career development.


The aim of these orientation sessions is to support researchers as early on as possible in their individual career paths by answering any questions they might have and to provide potential alternatives in career choices.

The offer is directed at diverse target groups and, accordingly, also puts the focus on different topics:

  • Doctoral candidates – you have a doctorate, now what?
  • Postdocs – research or business world?
  • Non-professorial academic staff – thinking through career options
  • Advanced Talents – next step: professorship?
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Career Advising for Researchers

Are you grappling with these or similar questions?

  • Which career options do I have?
  • Which activities, experiences and qualifications can improve my career prospects?
  • When is the right time for spending time abroad?
  • Which additional advising offers exist within or outside of RWTH?
  • Who can give me the right guidance for advancing my career?
  • Which are the pitfalls I have to look out for?
  • What do I have to bear in mind on my path to a professorship?
  • What shape can my next career step take?

If you do, please contact us for an appointment to take part in your own individual orientation session. We look forward to giving you advice on possibilities for your next step in your career that is independent of your specific professional activity yet geared to your particular career stage and current situation. Needless to say, the content of our conversation will remain strictly confidential.

Please note that this offer is exclusively directed at scientific staff of RWTH Aachen University. Unfortunately, we cannot offer orientation sessions to employees from external institutions, such as affiliated institutes, Unikinik RWTH Aachen, Forschungszentrum Jülich, RWTH International Academy gGmbH, Innovation GmbH, Campus GmbH, non-university research institutions, et cetera. Employees at UKA please contact the Staff Development team at Uniklinik RWTH Aachen.


RWTH’s career advising for researchers provided me with tailored advice for my academic career. The advisor gave me helpful suggestions and provided me with a great overview of – as well as access to – RWTH’s continuing education offerings.

Elena-Maria Klopries, M. Sc. RWTH Aachen University