Enrolling as a Doctoral Candidate

  Students in a lecture hall © Thilo Vogel

Do you want to complete your doctoral studies at RWTH Aachen? Here you will find all the information on doctoral studies and further skill training opportunities for doctoral students at RWTH Aachen. 


Supervision for Your Doctoral Studies

You arrange with a professor that he oder she will actively support and supervise you while you complete your doctorate. This person is your primary supervisor.

The two of you will also arrange a doctoral program that includes the CDS course offerings. Your program should be influenced by the minimum requirements of your faculty and your current subject and interdisciplinary skills. This includes social and methodological skills, for example.

Enrolling in Doctoral Studies

You can enroll for doctoral studies only if you meet the requirements outlined in § 67 Section 4 of the NRW Higher Education Act and are able to present a statement from the Doctorate Committee confirming your admission to doctoral studies. During the application and enrollment periods, you can use this statement to enroll for doctoral studies in the Registrar's Office. Enrollment however is not mandatory.

Applying With a Foreign Master's Degree

If you are a graduate of a foreign university, please refer to the page for doctoral candidates for information regarding prerequisites for admission, the application and enrollment process as well as special mentoring programs for you at RWTH.

Application and Enrollment Periods
  Winter Semester Summer Semester
Application Period August 1 to December 15 February 1 to June 15
Enrollment Deadline Last working day (Monday to Friday) before Christmas June 30
Please note All the deadlines listed here constitute final cut-off points.