Dialogue-Oriented Service Process – DoSV


All RWTH admission-restricted single-subject Bachelor's courses of study participate in the dialogue-oriented service process for undergraduate degree programs.

Information on Hochschulstart's Dialogue-Oriented Service Process


The Dialogue-Oriented Service Process supports universities in their admissions procedures and helps to prevent empty spots at institutions. Please apply for the Dialogue-Oriented Service Process using our application wizard RWTHonline in the application portal. You can find information on the Dialogue-Oriented Service Process on the Hochschulstart homepage.

What Does This Mean for Candidates Applying to RWTH?

If you are interested in one of the degree programs mentioned above, you must first register for the Dialogue-Oriented Service Process in the application portal. You may only register once. If you register more than once, only the applications received from your most recent registered account will be considered. All previous registrations will be deleted, including all the applications submitted with them, consequently, they will not be included in the application procedure. Additional registrations cannot be retrieved once they have been deleted.

Please note that you should also use the user account that you created when you registered for this service for applications in all subsequent application procedures. Registering with a new account would be considered an inadmissible multiple registration.

Do you have any questions about registering? Please go to Hochschulstart or contact their applicant support team.

To register, please enter your personal details first. Afterwards you will receive an applicant ID, or BID for short, and an applicant authentication number, or BAN for short. You will need these to apply in our application wizard RWTHonline. We outline how to apply for an undergraduate program on our Bachelor/Staatsexamen application page.

What Are the Application Deadlines?

You can apply during the application period until July 15, 2023. You must submit your last application (out of a total of twelve applications for locally restricted-admission degree programs in Germany) by midnight on July 15, 2023. After submitting your application, you can view the status of your applications in your user account on the RWTHonline application portal for the Dialogue-Oriented Service Process and prioritize them according to your personal preferences. The best possible admission (option) for you will be determined during the subsequent coordination phase.

The prioritization of your study requests is crucial here. Due to the dynamics of the process, lower prioritized offers are not retained, rather they are eliminated as soon as a higher prioritized offer is available. We therefore recommend that you prioritize your study requests.

You can find information on how to prioritize your applications and just how important this step is, on the Hochschulstart website. Further, you will find detailed information about the application process and the rules for allocating study places there.

Who Receives My Data?

Hochschulstart processes selected data received by RWTH. University staff only have access to the applications addressed to their respective university, but not to your applications to other universities. Data security is guaranteed at all times.

Further information on data protection and data security in the DoSV can be found in the Hochschulstart’s data protection declaration.

If you are submitting an application or have already submitted one, do you subsequently need to make changes, for example to your personal details, in RWTHonline?

In these cases, please do not withdraw your application, but send an stating your application number (1-......) or applicant number (2-......) and your desired changes.

If you have already submitted an application and need to make subsequent changes, for example to your personal details, in the portal of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung (Foundation for Higher Education Admissions)?

In these cases, please do not withdraw your application, but change your personal data in the Portal of the Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung with the help of these instructions.


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