Examination Boards


Applications for Master's courses of study are initially reviewed for formal suitability by the Central University Administration. Applications that are formally suitable are subsequently forwarded to the examination boards for the course of study to review the applicant’s educational background in relation to the desired program.

The examination boards check whether the applicant meets the criteria for the Master's program. These criteria are stipulated in Section 3 of the examination regulations for the respective course of study.

If you have any questions regarding formal suitability or a rejection for formal reasons, please contact the or , as applicable.

If you have any questions regarding imposed additional requirements or reasons for refusal, please contact the respective examination board below directly.


Faculty 1 – Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences

Faculty 2 – Architecture

Faculty 3 – Civil Engineering

Faculty 4 – Mechanical Engineering

Faculty 5 – Georesources and Materials Engineering

Faculty 6 – Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Faculty 7 – Arts and Humanities

Faculty 8 – Business and Economics

Faculty 10: Medicine