Frequently Asked Questions: Master's Applications



What is an entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB?

You must submit your entrance qualification for Master's studies or MZB to enroll in a Master's courses of study. This entrance qualification can be a Bachelor's degree, Staatsexamen, or Diplom for example, and is reviewed to make sure you fulfill the admissions requirements for your chosen Master's program.

Can I apply for a Master's program even if I have not yet finished my Bachelor's?

Yes. The Faculty reviews your education background using the documents you uploaded with your application (e.g. current transcript of records, module handbook, and the like). You must choose one MZB to use as the foundation of your application. You can upload other documents relevant to the review of your educational background under "Other Proof of Performance" or "Sonstige Leistungsnachweise."

Note: You do not need to have completed your Bachelor's studies at the time of application.

How do I create an applicant account?

To create an applicant account, follow the instructions on how to register found in the download section of this page.

I forgot my applicant account log in/password.

Follow the directions in the instructions on how to register found in the download section of this page

How can I recall an application I've already submitted?

Log in to the Self Service and click on "Actions" in the overview "My Applications." Then select the application you wish to recall.

What documents do I have to submit with my application?

The applications needed to apply or enroll are shown in the Application Wizard. You can also find information there about whether we need the documents uploaded or a physical certified copy. Some documents are mandatory for the application, meaning you cannot submit your application until the documents have been uploaded. If you are required to upload a document, we will not accept a physical copy that has been mailed or submitted in person.

After you submit your application you can use the Self Service to upload documents until the application deadline, enrollment deadline, or late-submission deadline.

What format do the documents need to be in and can I upload multiple documents?

RWTH requires your documents as a pdf. If you want to upload multiple documents, you must save them as a single pdf file beforehand. Zip files are not accepted.

Can I make changes to an application I've already submitted?

Later changes, that do not include uploading or recalling an application, can only be made by an administrative employee. Please send an email with your application number and the changes you'd like to make by the relevant application or late-submission deadline to .

How can I view the status of my application?

You can view the status of your application at any time in the RWTHonline Self Service.

How do I find out if my application is complete?

You can find this information in the RWTHonline Self Service. When the department is processing your application, each document that must be submitted will be marked with either "ok" or "not ok." As soon as the document has been marked with "ok," you will not be able to upload any more documents. The Self Service will also show you when all your application documents are complete. Please be aware that it can take between five and ten business days for your application to be processed as the application deadline nears.

What are my chances of being admitted to a restricted admission Master's course of study?

We have published the results from past semester so that you can better judge your chances of being accepted. It is impossible to reliably calculate the results of future allocation process however, as the NC/cut off values are only calculated after the selection process using the applications received. You will receive an email notifying you when the admissions results are available.

How many courses of study or subjects can I apply to?

You can apply for a total of 7 different restricted admission subjects or courses of study. If you apply to a course of study with multiple subjects, such as BA Teacher Training at Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen, the subject you name multiple times in the combinations is only counted once.


Application for:

1) BA Gy/Ges German, English, Education = 3
2) BA Gy/Ges German, History, Education = 1
3) BA Gy/Ges German, Chemistry, Education = 1
3) BA BK German, English, Education = 0

Total number of applications: 5, and 2 additional applications would still be allowed for restricted admission courses of study or subjects. The medicine and dentistry courses of study are counted separately.

You can apply for a maximum of 5 open admission Master's courses of study or subjects. You can apply for a maximum of one first and one higher course semester of a course of study or subject.

You can find an overview of our courses of study and the combination possibilities for teacher training courses of study in RWTH-Info.

Can I correct my personal information after I have registered?

You can only enter your personal information once when registering. It is impossible to correct it when submitting your application. The department can make any necessary changes upon request. To request changes, send an email with your application number and the necessary changes to

Can I change my subject combinations before submitting my application?

You can change the subject combinations at any time before submitting your application. After you have submitted the application you can withdraw the application and submit a new one.

How do I find out if my application has been received?

After submitting your application you will receive a notification that it has been received along with an application number. You can view the status of your application at any time in the RWTHonline Self Service.

I want to apply for/enroll in a higher course semester. What do I need to do?

You must have applied by the application deadline and been admitted. You can find more information on the page Application for a Higher Course Semester.

I have been admitted to a Master’s program. When can I enroll, and what documents do I need to submit?

You can only enroll in a Master’s course of study once you can prove that you have completed your Bachelor’s degree.

In the case of external applicants, this proof can be the Bachelor’s degree certificate or an official pass certificate, from your university’s central examination office, for example. The final grade does not need to have been awarded yet, but you must have completed the degree. The type of degree must be evident from the certificate (for example: Mr./Ms.........has successfully completed the Bachelor’s degree program in ......... on ........).

RWTH graduates may also submit the official Bachelor’s certificate after earlier only having given proof of successful completion. However, if the Bachelor’s diploma is not yet available at the time of application, RWTH Aachen University’s examination office, or ZPA, must by then, at least, have recorded the completion of studies as “passed” in the system.

If you are an RWTH graduate whose last graded exam is the bachelor thesis, you may submit a 4.0 certificate of the Bachelor’s thesis to the ZPA so that they can record the completion of your studies with “passed” in the system.

Since the enrollment documents for the different Master’s programs can vary, please refer to RWTHonline for all the documents you are required to upload for enrollment.