Application for a Higher Course Semester Winter 2023/24


Restricted Admission Bachelor's and Master's Course of Study as well as State Examination

Some courses of study have restricted admission in their higher semesters, that is starting the second core semester, and require an application. Please refer to our courses of study to determine which courses of study are affected.


Selection Process

The Ministry of Culture and Science of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia determines the admissions numbers every semester for study placements in higher core semesters at RWTH Aachen. The number of students who re-registered before the deadline is substracted from this number.

If there are still spots available after the re-registration deadline has passed, they are allocated to applicants in corresponding courses of study through a selection process.

Please note: After the application deadline has passed, admissions and rejection letters will be uploaded to Selfservice. This only happens, however, if an allocation process has taken place.


International Prospective Students

We explain the application process for all other international prospective students under:


Open Admission Master's Course of Study

In order to enroll in a higher core semester of an open admission Master's course of study, you must apply by the deadline and have your background education reviewed (acceptance letter with provisions) by the respective Faculty's examination board. If you do not apply by the deadline, you cannot enroll in a higher core semester.

Application Deadlines
Course of Study Winter Semester Summer Semester Application
Restricted admission courses of study
(higher semester)
September 15 every year March 15 every year Application
Open admission courses of study
(Master - higher semester)
July 15 every year January 15 every year Application
Open admission courses of study
(Bachelor - higher semester)
October 20 every year April 20 every year Application

Allocation Process – Enrollment in a Higher Course Semester – Winter Semester 2022/23

As a result of the allocation process, it was possible to enroll students in a higher semester of study in the following courses of study:

Course of Study Semester of Study
Biology B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher 5th
Biology B.Sc., Gymnasium and Gesamtschule Teacher 3rd
Logopedics B.Sc. 3rd, 5th and 7th
Sustainable Management – Water and Energy M.Sc. 3rd
Dentistry, Staatsexamen 3rd