Enrollment of Exchange Students



International Admission

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Incoming Student Services

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After you have been admitted to exchange studies at RWTH Aachen, officially called "studies without degree," you will receive an email about the enrollment process from the International Office. By enrolling, you will become a student of RWTH Aachen University.

After enrolling you must pay the student body and social contribution fees. Please note that this is not a tuition fee. All exchange students must pay the fee, and it cannot be waived. Once you have paid the fee, you will receive your student ID with your enrollment number and the mobility ticket for students, which allows you to use public transportation throughout North Rhine-Westphalia, including RE, RB, and S trains, buses, streetcars, and the subway. For further information, please get in touch with the AStA Students' Committee or visit thee AStA web pages.

How to Enroll

Using the RWTHOnline campus management system, you can enroll online during the following enrollment periods:

Semester Strongly Recommended Enrollment Period Extended Enrollment Period
Winter Semester August 1 to September 20 August 1 to December 31
Summer Semester Februrary 1 to March 20 February 1 to June 30

Important Information Please Note!

We strongly advise exchange students to enroll before the start of the semester, so that you do not miss any course registration deadlines. If you miss a deadline, you may not be able to register for all of your chosen courses. We recommend completing your enrollment process by September 20 (winter semester) and March 20 (summer semester) at the latest.

Enrollment after the final deadline (December 31, June 30) will not be possible. Please note that you must be fully enrolled by the deadline, meaning that the student body and social contribution fees (semester fee) must have been received by RWTH by then. No exception will be made.

When enrolling online, you will need to upload the following mandatory documents:

Important Information About Your Correspondence Address (Semester Address)

When you enroll, you will be asked to enter your current correspondence address ("semester address") in RWTHonline. If possible, we recommend that you enter an address in Aachen or the surrounding area, as both your Semester Ticket and BlueCard will be sent in the mail. If you do not yet have a local address, you can also enter your home address first. Please note, however, that the Semester Ticket will be sent to your correspondence address once you have paid your semester fee. If you enter an address outside the EU, your Semester Ticket may not be sent and you will have to pick it up in person from the ASEAG Service Desk.

Your BlueCard (Student ID) will also be sent to your correspondence address once you have uploaded a photo. Therefore, please make absolutely sure that you are able to receive your Semester Ticket and BlueCard at your correspondence address. Please understand that you cannot enter an RWTH address in RWTHonline (institute or administration).


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Is enrollment obligatory for all students?

Enrollment is obligatory for all visiting and exchange students regardless of their status at RWTH who

  • want to register and take courses in RWTH,
  • need to apply for a resident permit for their stay in Germany,
  • want to benefit from their student status at RWTH (for example RWTH email address, network services, semester ticket),
  • want to work as a student assistant during their stay,
  • want to study at the Faculty of Medicine.

How much are the student body and social contribution fees ("Semester Fee") at RWTH? What are the other costs of a stay in Aachen?

For detailed information, please visit our web pages concerned with costs.

What is an admission letter and how do I get it?

Admission letter will be sent to you by Incoming Student Services. It is a PDF document, stating your temporary admission to a particular faculty and area of studies and providing other details of your prospective stay. If you are not sure about whether you received a letter of admission, please contact .

What type of health insurance do I need to take out?

For detailed information, please refer to our Health Insurance web pages.

If you are not sure whether your prospective or existing insurance will be sufficient, please consult one of the German public health insurance providers.

The easisest way to take out health insurance in Germany is to check the list of public health insurance providers in Germany. Choose one provider and send them an email with your personal details (name, birthday, current/planned health insurance information, country of residence) and naming the period you will be staying at RWTH. You should also add the code for RWTH Aachen University, H0000784, in your email. They will advise you further, and after everything is settled, they will notify RWTH of your valid health insurance. Then you can complete the enrollment process.

Which email adress should I use for registering with RWTHonline?

As long as you have reliable access to your emails, you are free to choose which email account to use. 

Who can assist me with finding accommodation?

For detailed information, please visit:  Accommodation in Aachen

Who can help me with visa and residence requirements?

For detailed information, please visit: Entry Visa and Residence Permit

Who can help me with my learning agreement and mastter such as course and exam registration?

If you have specific questions, please get in touch with your Departmental Coordinator.

For important semester dates, please visit the RWTH website.