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Do more research - get a realistic impression - discover academic approaches - get additional information on your subject! Here are our recommendations in the Georesources Management course of study:


Georesources Management at RWTH Aachen

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Outdoor Work During Geology Studies

Methodological skills are taught right from the beginning in RWTH Aachen geoscience studies. Practical experiences on sites and outdoor tutorials prepare students for the use of the most modern investigative methods later in their careers. They are conducted near Aachen (for example in the Eifel), and later on sites further away. You can find current and post outdoor projects on the Teaching and Research Area for Neotectonics and Georisks website. A film on sediment analysis on Lake Ohrid shows how Bachelor students gather data outdoors, in order to evaluate it later in their final papers and projects.

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Structural Geology Lecture

Geological deformations to Aachen printen? Not possible? Yes it is! A glance in a Bachelor lecture by Aachen Professor Janos Urai on structural geology shows the priciples of "Bending and Breaking". Professor Urai is speaking in English.


Aachen Geosciences Topics in the media

You can get to know a few aspects of Aachen geosciences in these generally comprehensive articles in German:

Water Resources and Water Management, Dr. Klaus Baier
Nicht jeden Tag Wasser für alle sieben Millionen (Aachener Zeitung), Web page www.waterandmegacities

Movement of the Earth's Crust (Geotectonics) and Georisks , Professor Klaus Rudlf Reicherter
Starkbeben-Risiko gefährdet deutsche AKW (Spiegel online)

Geothermal Energy (Geotherics), Professor Christoph Clauser
Mythos: Geothermie verursacht Erdbeben (Focus online)

Mineral Resources and Their Deposits, Professor Ralf Littke
Wie lange reicht die Kohle? (


Interesting information for bookworms

RWTH Aachen University Library also offers books on loan to prospective students. The following books are recommended for prospective students of Georesources Management.

Topic Areas Geology, Climatology, and Pedology

Bahlburg, Heinrich und Breitkreuz, Christoph: Grundlagen der Geologie
Press, Frank und andere: Allgemeine Geologie
Grotzinger, John und andere: Understanding earth
Schönwiese, C : Klimatologie
Scheffer, F und Schachtschabel, F: Lehrbuch der Bodenkunde

Topic Area Geochemistry Geochemie

Killops, Stephen: Introduction to Organic Geochemistry

Engineering Aspects of Geology

Reuter, Fritz: Ingenieurgeologie

Topic Areas Economy and Law

Schulz, J: Die Ökonomen der Erde
Schierenbeck, Henner und Wöhle, Claudia: Grundzüge der Betriebswirtschaftlehre
Weise, Peter und andere: Neue Mikrökonomie
Kloepfer, Michael: Umweltrecht


What can I expect after finishing my degree?

Good information about professional and scientific prospects for geoscientists is available on the Berufsverband Deutscher Geowissenschaftler webpage. Reliable statistics about the job market can be found in the publications on the job market for academics (de) from the Federal Agency for Employment.