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Do more research - get a realistic impression - discover academic approaches - get additional information on your subject! Here are our recommendations in the Molecular and Applied Biotechnology course of study:


Molecular and Applied Biotechnology at RWTH Aachen


The deparment's research focuses, partnerships, and advising services are presented in the brochure Biosciences at RWTH Aachen

Biofuel, new biology, and bionics – the Aachen research foucses are linked on the overview page: Information about Aachen Biology and Biotechnology Research

RWTH -Themen

The publication series provides information about current research topics at the university.


Interesting information for bookworms

RWTH Aachen University Library also offers books on loan to prospective students. The following books are recommended for prospective students of Biotechnology.


Neil. A. Campbell including among others: Biologie
"The Campbell" can be taken out of the University Library. It is, however, not impractical to buy your own. In school it is an outstanding, understandable aid, and a good basic book for all biological subjects in the first few semesters of study.

General Chemistry

Ulrich Müller and Charles Mortimer: Chemie
The book provides a realistic impression of the technical depth, that biologists delve into when first facing general chemistry.


David Clark : Molekulare Biotechnologie - Grundlagen und Anwendungen.
The book is a descriptive introduction to modern biotechnology.


Other insights into Biotechnology

Information Platform from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research

What exactly is biotechnology? What does green, red, or white biotechology mean? The webpage Basic Knowledge on guides you through the world of biotechnology.The Youtube channel from shows a series of informative films, that highlight basic terms and central problems in biotechnology and present current research fields.

VBio Professional Association

The VBio Professional Association provides a good overview of training routes and professional possibilities.