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Continue your research – get a realistic impression – discover scientific approaches – obtain additional information about your subjects! Here are our recommendations for the field of literary and linguistics studies.


Literary and Linguistics Studies at RWTH Aachen

10 reasons to study English at RWTH

"What do you like best about your studies?" Students who have chosen the field of English and American Studies as part of their literature and linguistics degree course have answered this question. You can find out more about the survey at the website of the Institute for English Studies.


Interesting information for bookworms

RWTH Aachen University Library also offers books on loan to prospective students. The following books are recommended for prospective students of Literary and Linguistics Studies.

Both books by David Crystal offer an exciting start to topics in linguistic studies. They are laid out to be generally understandable and descriptive, but are scientifically based:

  • Crystal, David. 1997. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Language. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Crystal, David. 2003. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Other insights into Literary and Linguistics Studies

Lectures Online

What do literary studies deal with? The University of Kiel has made some lectures from its degree program available to anyone interested. Additionally, there are small E-Learning units and stimulating quiq questions.
Literary Studies online