Mathematics B.Sc., Vocational School Teacher


Key Info

Basic Information

Bachelor of Science
School Type:
Vocational School
Start of Studies:
Winter Semester
Standard Period of Studies:
6 semesters
ECTS Credits:
180Mehr Informationen

What does that mean?

ECTS are credit points that measure the workload of one's studies. A Bachelor in Teacher Training encompasses 180 ECTS, which are distributed over both subjects, pedagogical studies, and the Bachelor thesis.


Admission Requirements

  • Abitur or equivalent HZB Mehr Informationen

    What does that mean?

    General higher education entrance qualification (Abitur), subject specific university entrance qualification, or an equally recognized university entrance qualification (HZB)

  • Proficiency in German --- Mehr Informationen ---

    What does that mean?

    You must provide documentation of your language skills for the language of instruction at the time of enrollment. The exam regulations stipulate the relevant requirements.

Admission to First Semester


Admission to Higher Semesters


Enrollment Requirements

  • SelfAssessment --- Mehr Informationen ---


    RWTH Aachen self assessments are online advising processes for deciding what to study. Participation in one (rarely two) of these self assessments is mandatory. You can find which self assessment you need to take for this subject in the course of study description under "Prerequisites". You will need to show proof of participation in a subject specific self assessment in order to enroll (not to apply). You can print out the participation certificate yourself.

Dates and Deadlines


Mathematics is the foundation for many scientific disciplines as well as for industry and business. For this reason it is a core subject in schools.

The Bachelor Teacher Training Program in Mathematics focuses on a solid technical foundation. During the second part of Bachelor studies, introductory courses for teaching methodology are offered.

In the past few years, mathematics as a school subject has moved towards so-called relevant problems and aways from specific mathematic problems, especially in NRW. In contrast, mathematic studies consist of an abstract perception of the subject, which a large hurdle in the beginning. However, it is necessary for a fundamental understanding and for solid mathematic work, even in applications.

Characteristics of Mathematics at RWTH

The RWTH Aachen Teacher Training Program in Mathematics has strong subject-specific components and differs from those programs at other universities. As a result it offers, in correspondence with the second subject chosen - realistic options for careers outside of education or for non-education Master's programs.


Degree Content

In the first semesters, above all the fundamentals of the subject will be covered in the following courses: Mathematic Propaedeutic, Analysis I-II, Linear Algebra I-II, and Stochastics I. Most of these courses will be completed together with students in Mathematics B.Sc. course of study. In the third semester, teaching-specific courses, namely "Linear Algebra Consolidation", "Analysis for Teachers" and "Application and Modeling for Teachers," are added. During the later stages of the Bachelor studies, this subject-specific knowledge will be expanded and advanced in a course on numerical calculations, in a course on number theory, and during an internship dealing with the Computer Algebra System MAPLE. In addition, there are courses on teaching methodology – that is a seminar and lecture – which deal with the normative, analytical, and learning theory aspects of learning and teaching mathematics.

You can find more, detailed information on the department's webpages.

Study Abroad

The Faculty has several international partner universities with which it has well-established links, such as collaborations in teaching and research as well as exchange programs such as ERASMUS+. An overview of all RWTH Aachen exchange programs can be found at: Overview of Exchange Options. Information on the feasibility of stays abroad provides the Study Abroad Advising of the Faculty or the Departmental Advisors.


Combination Possibilities

Training for vocational school teachers includes studying two subjects. In course of study Model I, both subjects are equally studied. In course of study Model II, one of the subjects is studied in a broader scope.
Detailed information on both course of study models

The subject Mathematics is an instructional subject and only offers combination possibilities in course of study Model I:

  1. Balanced combination of the instructional subjects: biology, chemistry, German, English, Catholic religious education, physics. A combination with the subjects political science and economics/political science is not possible.
  2. Balanced combination with the vocational subjects: electrical engineering, structural engineering, mechanical engineering, textile technology, and economics.

However, we cannot guarantee that courses and the like will not overlap with each other. We recommend combining Mathematics with the subjects computer science, physics, chemistry, and (only for the vocational school) economics. Special attention is paid to these combinations to make sure that courses do not take place simultaneously and that they reflect the content for the course study.


Information Day About Mathematics Course of Study

  1. Professors, employees, and students will present their courses of study and career prospects, offering you a look at the curriculum and an idea about what happens during studies. Registration and Details (de)

Decision Aids

Should I become a teacher?
Do I want to work as a teacher?
If you are asking yourself these questions, there are a few services to help you get to know yourself:

RWTH Aachen Self Assessment
All About Teacher Training
Career Counseling for Teachers
Fit für den Lehrerberuf


Teacher Training Program in Math?

If you want to study mathematics, you should not only enjoy arithmetic, but also abstract work. Everything you learned in school will be discussed again during your studies - but from another perspective: You will radically question everything that you have seen thus far. Your "tool" is proof. Thus, you should have already expressed interest in justification in school. Your constant question wil not be: " How do I get the answer?" but rather "Under what conditions is the process of calculation valid?" In the course of your studies, you will achieve a high level of abstraction, which you should enjoy. If you would like to consider your decision again, you are welcome to visit a lecture. Lecture Visits for School Children



Personal Prerequisite

Basic mathematical skills, such as confident work with rules and arthimetic techniques, are a crucial prerequisite for working on more complex problems. They should be present before studies begin. The Math Training Camp gives you the opportunity to review your pre-existing knowledge. RWTH Aachen offers a mathematics and computer science bridge course within its bridge course program bridge course program to help intensify and complete your knowledge.

Enrollment Prerequisite

The RWTH Aachen "Lehramt" Self Assessment is an enrollment prerequisite for this course of study. You will need to submit your participation certificate when you enroll, but not in order to apply.


Career Prospects

You can find information from the NRW Ministry of Schools about the career prospects for various fields of teaching through 2039/2040 in the brochure Prognoses on the Job Market for Teachers in North Rhine-Westphalia (de).


Master's Degree Prospects

After successfully completing the Bachelor degree, you can continue with the Master of Education (4 semesters). With this degree, you can start your teaching practice (This phase used to be called "Refendariat" instead of "Vorbereitungsdienst".)

Since your Bachelor degree is polyvalent, meaning it opens up various futher education possibilities, you can - depending on your subject combination - persue other Master's programs. The respective exam board will decide whether or not you are qualified for a Master's that is not in the field of education and whether you might have to supply additional qualifications for admission.


Media Library

Do you want more information and impressions? Use our diverse information resources! You can find our recommendations in the media library.


Examination Regulations

Exam regulations regulate academic goals and prerequisites, the course of study layout, and exam procedures. The appendix to the regulations contains the description of the modules, from which the course of study is composed.

General Regulations: Comprehensive Exam Regulations of RWTH Aachen Bachelor Teaching Training for Gymnasien, Gesamtschulen, and Berufskollegs

Special Regulations: Subject Specific Exam Regulations (de) (The current version applies to all first year students.)



The Mathematics course of study is offered by the Department of Mathematics in the Faculty of Mathematics, Computer Science, and Natural Sciences.