Lottery Process for International Students


RWTH runs a lottery process to allocate any study placements in restricted-admission courses of study that are made available due to the study placements not being filled. Prospective students of any nationality can apply to the lottery process. Please bear the following in mind when you apply however:


Please note

Please also note that the lottery is only for the specified course and semester. If you are offered a study placement for a higher core semester, which you are however not eligible for due to an insufficient prior academic performance, you will not be granted enrollment in a lower semester.


If you are offered a study placement, you must be able to start your studies promptly. If you first need to apply for a visa and this implicates long waiting times, the lottery process is not suitable for you. Please bear in mind that RWTH is not able to support you in applying for a visa, nor in speeding up the visa issuing process.

Required Documents

Receiving a study placement offer in the lottery process does not mean that it has automatically been granted to you. When you come to enroll, you must be able to present all the documents that are required according to the examination regulation, enrollment regulation, and admissions guidelines.

This means you must present a valid university entrance qualification for Germany, the relevant language certificate, and any other documents required for the respective course of study. In particular, please note that an admission via the lottery process does not absolve you from any required tests such as TestAS, GRE, or others.

Clarify Requirements Before Participating in the Lottery Process

You should be absolutely certain you know the requirements for your desired course of study before participating in the lottery process so that you can fulfill these at the time of enrollment.

If you cannot present the required documents, your enrollment will have to be refused. Study placements awarded via the lottery process do not entitle you to be enrolled in your desired course of study.

Please contact the Division of Admissions and Social Affairs in the International Office at an early stage if you have any questions on the lottery process and the required documents for subsequent enrollment.